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July 07, 2017 | By Ryan Francis

Loft Bed Buying Guide

Loft beds are a great way to add functionality to a small room since there are tons of options for what you can do with your extra floor space once your bed is off the ground. But buying a loft bed also comes with a lot of questions: how high should it be? What size should you get? Will it be safe? Here, we’ve put together a detailed buying guide for loft beds to help you make the right choice for your bedroom.

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What size loft bed should you buy?

A good place to start your loft bed purchase is deciding what size bed to buy. The size of your loft bed will depend on both the measurements of your space and your lifestyle needs.


In general, we suggest leaving a minimum of three feet (36”) of space between the perimeter of your bed and the walls of your bedroom, which will allow enough room to move around freely.

Here are the dimensions of our loft beds to help you determine which bed will best fit in your space.

  • Twin Size - 75” L x 40 W
  • Full (or “Double”) Size - 75” L x 55” W
  • Queen Size - 80” L x 61” W
  • King Size - 80” L x 77” W

Adding a guard rail on either the side of the bed will add an additional 2.5” of width.

Our loft beds come configured for 8’, 9’, and 10’ ceilings. We’ll explain more about that below.

As for lifestyle factors, it goes without saying that single or full-size beds typically work best for a child or one adult. Two adults can fit in a full-size bed, but each person only gets about 27” of sleeping space, which is the width of a crib mattress (in other words, it’s a tight fit). Therefore, we recommend queen or king sizes for couples (or a taller adult, as queen and king size mattresses are longer than full sized ones, too) as they offer a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.

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How much headroom do you need for a loft bed?

Headroom, or the space between the top of your mattress and the ceiling, is an important consideration when choosing a loft bed, since you’ll want to make sure you have enough room to both climb into your bed and sit up in it.

Our loft beds can be ordered for 8’, 9’ and 10’ ceilings. All of our loft beds meet the minimum Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendation of at least 30” of headroom between the bed and the ceiling. Our 8’ ceiling loft bed gives about 41” of headroom, the 9’ model provides 48.5” and the 10’ model allows 53”. In order to comply with the CPSC guidelines, we do not recommend ordering a loft bed taller than the one customized for your ceiling height.

How much space will you have underneath your loft bed?

The height of the space underneath your loft bed will determine what you can do with that space. For each of our loft beds, the space underneath is as follows:

  • 8’ ft ceiling bed: 50.5”
  • 9’ ceiling bed: 55.5”
  • 10’ ceiling bed: 63”

Click here to view the complete dimensions for our loft beds. ## Is there a weight limit for loft beds?

Before you make your purchase, check the manufacturer’s weight limits. Adult Bunk Beds come in twin, full, queen and king sizes, and are engineered from industrial-grade aluminum so that the bigger bed sizes can easily withstand the weight of two large adults (plus a few small children and maybe even the dog – our beds are designed to hold up to 2,000 lbs). Not all beds are made equally, though, so bed sure to check weight limits before you buy.

Do you need guard rails for your loft bed?

The CPSC requires all loft and bunk beds used by children to have guard rails, but we recommend using them for adult loft beds, too. Our loft beds come with one standard side rail, which is sufficient for adult loft beds that will be placed up against a wall (our side rails are interchangeable so you can add it on whatever side of the bed isn’t up against the wall). For beds that will be centered in a room, an additional second rail is available for purchase.

What type of mattress do you use for a loft bed?

In order for guard rails to work properly, your mattress can’t be too high. We suggest an 8”-12” mattress with our loft beds and guardrails, but check with your manufacturer for specific guidelines before purchasing your mattress. Loft beds do not require box springs, though some models will require wooden slats or bunkie boards to hold up your mattress. (Loft beds from Adult Bunk Beds do not require either, unless you are using a memory foam mattress).

Other loft bed safety considerations

The Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends that children under the age of six do not sleep in beds raised more than 30 inches off of the ground, and for that reason we do not recommend our loft beds for young children.

It’s also important to purchase the correct mattress for your loft bed to ensure the bed isn’t higher than the guard rails or doesn’t impede with the CPSC recommendations for the space between the bed and the ceiling.