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Loft Beds: Stylish Solutions for Space Optimization

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Loft beds are a popular modern design choice for kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages. They are great for small rooms because they free up floor space for other furniture or activities. You can comfortably use your space and still have a sturdy, quality place to sleep each night.

Are loft beds a good idea for you and your space? As you may already know, buying an elevated bed frame raises a lot of questions. This loft bed guide attempts to help you understand and answer them.

Loft Bed vs. Bunk Bed: What’s the Difference?

Let’s start simple: What exactly is a loft bed? And how does it differ from a bunk bed? A loft bed is a raised bed that lifts the sleeping area higher off the ground by making the bed posts longer.

Bunk beds and loft beds both offer elevated sleeping options and utilize vertical space in your room’s design. The difference is that bunk beds have a second sleeping platform below. Basically, in the same place and at the same height were are standard platform bed would be.

In other words, a loft bed is like a bunk bed with just the top bunk.

Significance of Loft Beds in Modern Living

Lack of space is an age-old problem. However, modern living has many people moving into small spaces. This occurs for various reasons. Cost of living, preference for urban areas, more people living alone, or personal lifestyle decisions among them.

High-rise bed frames provide a space-saving piece of furniture that allows people to maximize the space they have. If you have limited space, you can make the most of your small room or studio apartment. This helps you to utilize your space and enjoy your life to it’s fullest potential.

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Evolution and Stylistic Developments in Loft Bed Designs

The origins of loft and bunk beds probably date back thousands of years. All the way to the Egyptian Empire. However, raised beds, as we know them today, started in the 18th Century to save space on ships. Elevated beds served a practical purpose for a long time.

Their role shifted after the Industrial Revolution. With the rise of urban development, loft beds became design choice, as well as a functional one. Especially for apartments and dormitories.

For a long time, it was primarily just kids and teenagers used loft beds in their personal bedrooms. Most of the commercial elevated bed frames on the market catered to this demographic.

Kids loft bed frames are compact (usually no bigger than twin size or full size) and featured simple, sometimes playful, styles. Usually, manufacturers make them from wood or soft, light metal alloys. They also heavily focus on safety for obvious reasons. Guard rails often enclosed the entire sleeping platform.

Recently, as young adults spend more time living in small spaces, people have begun to ask: Can adults sleep in loft beds? This has led to the development of the next phase of loft bed history: the Adult Loft Bed.

Modern loft beds for adults start with better materials, like aluminum, steel, or quality wood. These beds feature a more significant weight capacity and larger bed sizes. Some can even accommodate a king size mattress.

And most of all, they serve a sophisticated design that enhances your space. Something bold and inviting, not the flimsy, wiry style of most loft beds for kids.

The Low-Down on Loft Beds

Core Design Principles

A few core design principles make a loft bed functional and comfortable to help you maximize your space.

  • Elevated bed frame saves space by providing room underneath for storage or furniture.
  • Structural integrity for reliable support.
  • Safety features to prevent falling.
  • Easy and convenient access to the sleeping area and other features.
  • Thoughtful design that adds aesthetic value to your room.

Sleek Aesthetics and Enhanced Functionality

A strong foundation is important for a loft bed, but that’s not enough to meet modern living standards. It should also look good and provide additional functionality to make the best use of your space.

Loft bed design should consider both form and function. Many elements affect the bed’s overall visual style and appeal. This includes shape, color, texture, detailing, and more. Looks can range from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional.

Understanding your interior design goals will help you choose the loft bed that fits your style and maximizes your space. Many loft beds also incorporate features that increase the bed’s functionality. Think additions like built-in storage, desks, or shelving. These types of accessories make your bed even more versatile and practical.

Maximizing Limited Space in Versatile Configurations

The primary benefit of a loft bed is to give yourself a wider range of design options for your room. Even in a decent-sized room, a bed frame occupies a lot of space. By utilizing vertical space, you open a significant amount of room. Now, the room serves many practical purposes beyond just giving you a place to sleep.

Materials and Finishes

The materials used to construct a loft bed frame affect how it looks and its capabilities. Before you buy, you should know who will be using the bed and the style of the room it will be in. This will help you decide which materials make the most sense for your space.

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Wood, Metal, and Hybrid Loft Bed Designs

Wooden loft beds have a warm, natural look. The finish can take many forms, making them versatile for your design. They are easy to customize and can even provide sound-absorbing qualities for your room.

However, wood is much softer and more malleable than metal, making wooden loft beds generally weaker. This limits who can use them (not ideal for adults or large teenagers) and also affects durability. Even the best-constructed wooden loft beds will eventually soften and slump over time. Often much sooner than their metal counterparts.

Metal loft beds usually have a sleeker, more modern aesthetic. This is great for a more sophisticated or contemporary design. They also tend to be more lightweight than wooden bed frames, making them easier to assemble and move.

The main advantage of metal loft beds is their strength and durability. As long as the metal used is high quality (e.g., aluminum or steel), these beds can usually hold more weight and last longer. Our Adult Loft Beds hold up to 2,000 lbs. Even the most heavy-duty wooden loft beds cap out at around 750 lbs.

Hybrid loft beds combine wood and metal to merge strength and capacity with a specific style. With this type of bed frame is that you get a robust, reliable metal loft bed with the aesthetic appeal of a wooden one. This makes them more adaptable for a wider range of scenarios.

Loft Bed Configurations

Loft beds can come in many different styles or approaches. Each type serves a unique purpose.

Standard Loft Beds

The most common loft bed is a simply raised platform with tall legs. They come with either a ladder or stairs for access to the sleeping platform. This setup is simple and offers flexibility for using the space under the bed frame in various ways.

Loft Bed with Integrated Desks

Loft beds with desks serve a specific dual-purpose function. They of course offer a supportive elevated sleeping area. They offer a workspace for a home office. Transform your room into a comfortable multi-purpose space for both relaxation and productivity.

Charcoal Full Size Adult Loft Bed with an attached desk set up as a home office in a nice, neutral home office - 800x450

Loft Beds with Storage Solutions

Some loft bed designs take space-saving to the next level with built-in storage. These beds usually put the storage compartments right in the bed frame or as part of an attached or detached staircase. Sometimes they even include rollaway drawers for added organization and aesthetic appeal.

Loft Beds Featuring Seating Areas

Less common, but also convenient, are loft beds that have seating underneath the bed frame. These seats can be for individuals or multiple people. Some attach to the bed frame, and others are detached and moveable.

The seating areas may also feature storage compartments or drawers. Some even fold down like a futon to provide a second sleeping option.

Advantages of Loft Beds

After all this, you may still be wondering: What are the benefits of sleeping on a loft bed? It comes down to three basic advantages: maximizing your space, modern design options, and multi-functional features.

Efficient Space Utilization

Loft beds are a great way to make the most of your space. Especially when you’re limited in the amount of room you have. They provide you with more floor space to add furniture, increase storage, and keep your room organized.

Having more space also means you have more room for things you love to do. Whether it’s gaming, reading, making music, or just hanging out, a loft bed makes it possible. With a desk, you can even live and work in the same room without creating unnecessary clutter.

Your room is the most important space in your life. Don’t compromise on comfort. Optimize your space for fun and functionality with a space-saving loft bed.

Stylish and Modern Design Options

An elevated bed doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re sleeping in a kid’s room. Many modern loft beds feature stylish, sophisticated appearance meant to enhance your design. Designs have progressed to meet the demands of contemporary life for all ages.

Over time, loft bed frames evolved to employ refined aesthetics that embrace modern design trends. A minimalist approach, clean lines, and sleek finishes give contemporary loft beds an air of elegance and sophistication.

Many design approaches exist for elevated bed frames. High-quality materials and innovative construction offer safety and durability with an attractive appearance. Today’s loft beds add a cohesive and stylish look to modern interiors. Sleep in style without sacrificing quality floor space.

Multi-Functional Features for Contemporary Living

Efficient and effective loft bed designs are not solely focused on aesthetics. They should also incorporate multi-functional elements and features that maximize utility. This can include additions like integrated desks, extras storage solutions, shelving, or seating. Some modern designs even include technological integrations like built-in lighting or charging ports.

Any worthwhile contemporary loft bed will help you use the space underneath or around the bed frame within the same footprint. Look for beds that come with these features or extensive customization options. That way, you’ll be sure you’re getting a bed that enhances your space and your lifestyle.

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We’ve established that modern loft beds can look sleek and sophisticated. But if trying to find the perfect bed for your style, what should you look for?

Contemporary Loft Bed Designs

Whether for kids, teens, or adults, many contemporary loft bed designs share similar features. You’ll see a lot of clear, clean lines and simple, uncluttered aesthetic enhancements.

You’ll notice that a lot of loft beds on the market tend to utilize thin railings and post (bed legs). The intention with this approach is an open and airy design that creates a sense of spaciousness.

They also tend to lean into neutral color palettes, focusing on colors like white, black, gray, or beige. This allows the beds to seamlessly blend in with a broader range of interiors.

The option for climbing onto the sleeping platform is usually an attached ladder or stairs. This means that when purchasing your bed, you need to make sure that there is space in your room to place the bed frame that will make it easy to safely access the bed.

Whether made from metal, wood, or a hybrid of both, most loft beds you’ll find today adhere to these design trends. Just a matter of finding the specific look and configuration that best accompanies your space and existing style.

Industrial Loft Bed Aesthetics

Another approach to modern loft bed designs is an “industrial” look. Industrial-style furniture boasts a raw, practical, and somewhat rugged appearance. The functional design of factories or warehouses often serves as inspiration, which is where the name comes from.

Industrial furniture provides many unique benefits. These furniture pieces are functional, durable, versatile. They often feature a timeless design full of unique character and texture that adds visual interest and depth to a space. Maintenance and upkeep are usually simple, and the manufacturing process often ensures the furniture is environmentally friendly.

Industrial loft bed frames are no different, with a look that highlights the raw materials and construction process. In addition to strong, sturdy support, these beds also often have built-in functional features. Check out our Adult Loft Beds for an example of a stylish contemporary industrial design.

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Loft Beds Suited for Minimalist Interiors

High-rise bed frames are great for minimalist interiors. They fit well in compact areas like a studio apartment or tiny home. A loft bed that utilizes space as efficiently as possible is most suitable for a space like this.

The core elements of minimalist designs center around simplicity, functionality, and clarity of purpose. There should be no wasted space. Arrange furniture and accessories for maximum usability and efficiency. In this case, a loft bed should include streamlined built-in features, like a desk, shelving, etc.

Successful minimalist design avoids “unnecessary” embellishments. It strives for balance, harmony, and order. Everything is purposeful.

Many of the common traits of modern loft beds already appeal to this aesthetic. Clean lines, open space (to let natural light do its thing), and efficient use of space.

When picking a bed for a minimalist room, go for simple designs and neutral colors. Avoid ornate styles. This creates a sense of calm in the space and puts the focus on function over form.

Incorporating Loft Beds in Different Spaces

Loft beds can play a pivotal role in transforming many types of spaces. Each type of room is unique and comes with its own considerations for adding an elevated bed frame. How do you know which type of loft bed is best for your space?

Loft Bed - Studio Apartment

Loft Beds for Urban Living

Living in a city means having limited space, whether you’re alone, with family, or have roommates. Most urban dwellers wish they had more room. High-rise, multi-functional bed frames have become an ideal solution for people of all ages.

Space is at a premium in most urban areas. Many cannot afford to live somewhere with excess space. A raised bed with room underneath for storage or living space can make a world of difference. Transform a small room from cramped-to-cozy by simply elevating the sleeping platform.

Learn how this city dweller transformed his New York City apartment with an Adult Loft Bed from Francis Lofts & Bunks.

Loft Beds Ideal for Home Offices

People often use elevated beds to create a home office in a main or extra bedroom. Many young people are moving to cities and working remotely. Loft beds provide a space-saving solution for both work and sleep in the home. They allow for a functional workspace while still using the bedroom for sleeping, whether for oneself or guests.

Bed frames with an integrated desk provide a single piece of furniture that fulfills both roles in the space. Others choose to put their unattached desk and storage solutions under the loft bed frame. And still others put a desk elsewhere in the room and use the area underneath the loft bed for additional living space.

Loft Beds Perfect for Studio Apartments

No city dwellers are more space-conscious than those residing in studio apartments. These are often a cost-efficient housing option for young people and individuals. However, fitting your whole life in a single room is a challenge for even the most practical minimalists.

A high-rise bed frame in a studio apartment changes the whole layout. It opens a significant amount of floor space. Space otherwise occupied by a bed frame is now available for extra storage, a workspace, or seating and lounging.

Room Dimensions and Layout

As we all know, rooms come in many shapes and sizes. Because of the wide variety of sizes and designs, loft beds can be a practical solution for many spaces, but not all of them.

To ensure your room can support a loft bed, it’s important to measure the available space carefully. You’ll want to consider the following variables:

Know how tall your room’s ceiling is to make sure you will have clearance to sit up in the bed you want with a mattress on the platform. Figure out how much space the bed frame will occupy in the room. Most furniture retailers list dimensions in the product description. You can compare that to the measurements you take in your room.

Some upstairs or attic bedrooms have more than one slanted wall in a room. In that case, a standard elevated bed may not work out in your design plans. Depending on how slanted they are, of course. In this case, it’s worth looking into “low loft bed” designs.

At Francis Lofts & Bunks, we can custom build your bed frame to any height lower than our standard height for eight-foot ceilings.

Customization Options Tailored to Your Needs

The more options you have to customize your loft bed, the more likely you are to get the perfect bed to meet your unique needs. You can modify many features or design choices, depending on the bed and manufacturer. Some of these include:

Size tells you the sleeping area the bed frame provides and how much space it will occupy in your room. This also affects how much additional vertical space the bed provides. Most loft beds are either twin size or full size, although queen and king size options exist, as well.

Design options include things like the materials used, finish, color, and aesthetic details. These factors influence how the bed looks and feels in your space with your existing decor and style.

Features and functionality like built-in storage, desk space, or seating.

Choosing the Perfect Loft Bed

If a loft bed feels like the perfect missing puzzle piece for your design, it’s time to find the perfect bed for your space.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Loft Bed

A few key factors play a significant role in helping you select your ideal loft bed. Who will sleep on the bed and your room dimensions and layout primarily influence these factors.

Size refers to the amount of room you’ll have on the sleeping area of the bed frame. Traditional bed sizes include, twin, full, queen, and king. Most loft beds you’ll find are twin size or full size.

Weight capacity refers to the amount of weight the bed can safely hold. Most loft beds support around 200-600 lbs. Some heavy-duty loft beds designed for adult use hold more. Our Adult Loft Beds have a weight limit of 2,000 lbs.

Safety features ensure the bed works properly and has measures to keep users safe during use. This can include stability, secure top access (ladder or stairs), and design choices like edges. Safeguards like guard rails or handrails for stairs prevent falling or other accidents.

Having ample clearance between the bed frame and the ceiling prevents head injuries.

Can two people sleep on a loft bed?

Two factors determine if a loft bed can sleep two people. The first is the weight limit. The bed needs to support at least both people and the mattress safely with its weight capacity.

The other thing to consider is the size of the bed. It should have enough sleeping space to comfortably fit both people. For this reason, we recommend a Queen Loft Bed or King Loft Bed for couples.

What type of mattress do you use for a loft bed?

Generally speaking, most loft beds are compatible with most commercial mattress products. But every bed frame is different. Some bed frames have restrictions or simply work better with certain mattresses or mattress types.

Read the product description carefully to make sure you know what kind of mattress(es) your new bed will support. Especially if you already have a mattress that you want to use with your new loft bed.

Size and Configuration Matching Your Space

A good place to start your loft bed purchase is deciding what size bed to buy. The size of your loft bed will depend on both the measurements of your space and your lifestyle needs. Getting the right size bed for your room is crucial to maximizing your space.

What size loft bed should you buy?

Determining which size bed you should buy mostly comes down to how you sleep and how many people will be sleeping in the bed.

Twin and full size beds are best-suited for individual sleepers. Queen and king size beds are better for couples and larger people. Some individuals who move a lot at night or just like to stretch out may also prefer a queen or king size bed.

We build queen and king size loft beds because we understand that part of adult life means sharing space with your partner. We want to make elevated bed frames accessible for everyone, including those who are married or coupled.

You may also be able to find “extra long” twin XL or full XL size loft beds. These beds are the same width as a traditional twin or full beds, but with five inches of extra length. Tall individuals prefer this option.

How much headroom do you need for a loft bed?

For clearance above the bed frame, you want to have enough room to be able to sit up comfortably in bed. The Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) regulates at least 30” between bed and ceiling.

This is why our Adult Loft Beds come in different options for 8’, 9’, and 10’ ceilings. We want to ensure that the bed you choose fits in your room. It should have enough space above for you to be comfortable and enough room below for work or activities.

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How much space will you have underneath your loft bed?

The height of your loft bed will determine what you can do with that space. The amount of space you’ll have under the bed frame depends on the size and dimensions of the bed you’re buying. Every bed is different. The product description should provide information about how much space is available beneath the frame.

For each of our loft beds, the space underneath is as follows:

  • 8’ ft ceiling bed: 50.5”
  • 9’ ceiling bed: 55.5”
  • 10’ ceiling bed: 63”

Click here to view the complete dimensions of our Adult Loft Beds.

Materials and Finishes Aligned with Your Aesthetic

From a design standpoint, choosing the right loft bed also means selecting a bed that works well with your style. Above all else, this means a bed frame built with materials that align with your aesthetic preferences.

A design focused on a more rustic, traditional style would be well-matched with a wooden loft bed. Wood frames offer the option to enjoy rich, detailed finishes and provide a warm, organic charm to liven up a room. However, wood loft beds do not have the same strength or stability of their metal counterparts. You must consider form and function together.

Metal loft beds appeal to more modern, industrial, and minimalist-style designs. They look great in highly aesthetic urban environments and more straightforward spaces like a bedroom or dorm room. Metal elevated bed frames create a stylish and sophisticated look by using the principles of simplicity, functionality, and efficiency.

Budget Considerations for Your Loft Bed Investment

Buying a loft bed is not just like buying any other piece of furniture. You’re likely buying your high-rise bed to help transform your space and act as a regular sleeping platform for yourself or guests. You should understand that a loft bed is a long-term investment in your sleep and your space.

As such, you want to make sure that you’re spending your money on a quality product. Your bed should be safe, provide quality sleep, and made to last for as long as you need it.

Cheap, flimsy loft beds made of wood or soft metals may seem like a worthwhile purchase, especially when it’s for a kid. But as they get older, these bed frames will begin to degrade over time and likely won’t grow with them. A strong, sturdy, and reliable heavy-duty loft bed is the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Key Features to Look for in High-Quality Loft Beds

When purchasing an elevated bed frame, check for certain features to determine its quality and value. This will help you decide if the bed meets your standards before making a purchase. These features include:

  • Sturdy construction resulting from the use of robust materials combined with a thoughtful design and superior manufacturing techniques.
  • Strength and stability to ensure a comfortable, motionless sleep experience for anyone who uses the bed.
  • Quality finish that looks great and is durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and regular wear and tear.
  • Flexibility in design and function. A loft bed that matches your style and provides multi-purpose features and custom options to meet your needs.
  • Compliance with product safety standards

Maintenance and Safety

Caring for your new elevated bed frame and the people who will be using it is an important part of the loft bed experience. Safety features ensure the bed works well and provides a comfortable, quality sleep for anyone who uses it. Regular maintenance preserves the bed’s safety, durability, appearance, and functionality.

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Safety Features Designed for Adult Use

When buying a loft bed for adults, safety regulations are slightly less rigorous than kids loft beds.

Do you need guard rails for your loft bed?

CPSC states that kids’ loft and bunk beds require guard rails. We suggest using them for adults, as well.

Our Adult Loft Beds include one standard side rail, which is enough if you plan to place it against a wall. You can attach our side rails to either side of the bed. We also offer custom options or additional side rails and end rails.

What are some other loft bed safety considerations?

The CPSC recommends that children under the age of six do not sleep in beds raised more than 30 inches off the ground. For that reason, we do not recommend our Adult Loft Beds for young children. We suggest using them around age 13 and older.

Make sure to use the correct size mattress on your bed. If it is too tall and has you resting higher than the guard rails, it may present a safety issue. Check that the mattress height doesn’t make the space between the bed and ceiling too small (30”), as recommended by CPSC.

For our Adult Loft Beds, we recommend a mattress with a height of 8-12”.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Loft Beds

Proper maintenance of your loft bed includes cleaning and caring for the bed frame for appearance, functionality, and longevity. How to best care for your bed depends on many factors. Most importantly is the materials used to make it.

For metal loft beds, clean the surface with a mild soap and water solution. Dry it quickly and thoroughly to prevent water spots and rusting. At times, you may want to apply touch up paint, metal polish, or a rust inhibitor to protect and restore it.

Wooden loft beds need regular polishing and conditioning to keep the wood looking natural and attractive. High-quality wood polish and furniture wax will nourish the material and protect it from drying and cracking. This will also help extend the lifespan of your wooden bed frame.

Other general maintenance tips that apply to all loft beds include:

  • General cleaning, such as regular dusting, vacuuming out hard-to-reach crevices, and spot cleaning with water and soap.
  • Inspect the guard rails. They should be securely attached and positioned so that they are not “above” the rails while lying in bed. Check if any hardware needs replaced.
  • Regularly check the ladder or stairs. Make sure they are securely attached. Look for any signs of wear or damage, such as loose rungs or cracked steps.
  • To care for your mattress, rotate it often, vacuum to remove dust, and use a mattress pad for protection.

Loft beds are becoming more popular for all ages, with new design trends and features emerging regularly.

White Twin Adult Loft Bed with a staircase and attached desk in a brightly decorated teen girl-s bedroom with pink bedding and a pink bean bag chair under the bed frame seen from a slight distance at the lower right-hand corner of the bed - 800x450

Emerging Styles and Materials in Loft Bed Construction

Modern loft bed designs meet the needs of different lifestyles and preferences. They embody the principles of innovation, sustainability, and versatility.

Today’s high-rise beds need to meet a number of diverse criteria. This can include a contemporary minimalist style, modular components, and multi-functional features. These trends are not only becoming more popular, but also almost expected by many savvy loft bed customers.

Integration of Technology for Smart Loft Bed Designs

As our world integrates more with modern technology, elevated beds are evolving to incorporate this technology into their designs. Some technological features improve the loft bed experience, like integrated LED lights or sound systems. Other features aim to make using technology easier and more convenient, such as built-in charging ports.

Eco-Friendly Loft Beds and Sustainable Design Practices

People are becoming aware of environmental issues and our responsibility to protect the planet. Many people want to ensure their major purchases, such as a loft bed, don’t harm the environment.

Manufacturers are now making more bed frames with eco-friendly materials to meet the growing demand for sustainable furniture. This can include things like bamboo, reclaimed wood, or recycled or ethically sourced metals.

At Francis Lofts & Bunks, all our bed frames are eco-friendly and able to be 100% recycled. Our manufacturing process meets LEED certification standards. For more information, read our blog post How We Build Environmentally Responsible Beds.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to determine if a loft bed is right for you is to read first-hand experiences. See below for some of our favorite reviews from our Adult Loft Bed clients.

Real Experiences from Satisfied Loft Bed Users

“We’re a week into using our Adult Loft Bed, and it definitely feels like a ‘forever’ purchase!” - Jocelyn P.

“The Queen Loft Bed is perfect for our new tiny guest house. With limited square footage, the work space under the bed is ideal.” - Janice B.

“My loft bed is an incredible space saver. I made myself a little gaming cave beneath it and naturally love it.” - Hallie W.

“Living in our one-room tiny house, the King Loft Bed has dramatically improved our quality of life. Worth every penny!” - Lisa K.

“We bought two loft beds for our sons, and they are amazing! We wanted a product that would last and grow with them, and we definitely found it.” - Melanie A.


Recap of Key Insights on Loft Beds

Let’s breakdown and review the key insights about loft beds discussed in this guide.

  • Core Design Principles: Loft beds feature a space-saving design, structural integrity, ease of access, and safety features.
  • Space Optimization: By elevating the sleeping area, loft beds free up floor space for furniture and activities.
  • Materials: You can build elevated bed frames from various materials, including metal, wood, and hybrid options. Materials vary in durability, eco-friendliness, and appearance.
  • Safety Considerations: Includes stability, weight capacity, guard rails, and secure access to the sleeping area.
  • Multi-Functional Features: Additions like built-in desks or shelving help save space and maximize the bed’s utility.
  • Design Evolution: Raised bed frames have evolved from basic functional furniture to stylish modern options for adults.
  • Customization: Many loft beds offer custom options to tailor the bed to your unique space and needs. This includes size, materials, color, and multi-functional features.
  • Loft Beds for Adults: Loft beds have adapted to modern lifestyles. Adults of all ages are finding themselves in need of more space. Elevated bed frames allow them to maximize their rooms without sacrificing quality sleep.

Adult Loft Beds from Francis Lofts & Bunks

Looking for a loft bed for a teenager or adult? Our Adult Loft Bed could be the perfect solution for you!

Charcoal Queen Adult Loft Bed in a sparsely decorated upscale bedroom seen directly from the right-hand side of the bed - 800x520

We make all our bed frames from high-quality American aluminum and handcraft them at our factory in Ohio. We offer a wide range of size and color options, including queen and king size bed frames. Every bed has a massive weight capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, more than enough to support two fully grown adults and a mattress.

Personalize your Adult Loft Bed to match your room and select from different accessories for extra functionality. Add a desk, storage stairs, or shelving for the sleeping area or space beneath the bed frame.

Make the most of your space without sacrificing your adult style. Our Adult Loft Beds feature a sleek and stylish modern design that elevates your aesthetic.

Enjoy a high-quality luxury sleep experience every night. These elevated bed frames are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Orders & Custom Requests

Our full collection of Adult Loft Beds is available here. If you’re looking for a more customized loft bed for your room, you can send us your request here. We will review your request and follow up with you. We cannot accommodate all requests, but we will do our best when we receive them.

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