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It didn’t take long after moving into their apartment for Nanxi and her boyfriend to realize they were going to need a loft bed. A joint dedication to various creative and artistic pursuits meant that they’d accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, like an electronic drum kit to a collection of photography equipment. Unfortunately, their traditional queen size bed was taking up a lot of space and made it difficult to fully engage with these activities in the comfort of their home.

After a few weeks of futile attempts to rearrange and reorganize their room to accommodate these bulky items, they finally set out in search of a loft bed that could safely support them and their hobbies. Like most people, Nanxi started by going online and checking out the loft bed options from IKEA, Wayfair, and Amazon. Also like most people, she was underwhelmed by her choices.

“I barely found any loft beds designed for an adult — let alone two adults — and most of them had a weight limit around 250 LBS,” she explained. “In reviews of those products, many people complained about the beds being too shaky when climbing into them, which reminded me of an unpleasant experience I had sleeping in a loft bed at an Airbnb. Every time I changed positions, the bed would shake and make noises. I barely slept that night.”

These limitations simply wouldn’t work for Nanxi and her boyfriend, who needed to find a queen size loft bed where both of them could comfortably sleep together every night, so they continued with their search. About a week in, they finally stumbled across Francis Lofts & Bunks and our heavy duty adult loft beds. Nanxi was immediately enticed by the idea of a loft bed that was designed specifically for adults, and the promise of a massive 2,000 LB weight capacity and sturdy frame that wouldn’t sway seemed almost too good to be true after constantly coming up short in her search.

“This loft bed was exactly what I’d been looking for,” said Nanxi. “We did hesitate for a while due to the high price and shipping fees, but we made the decision to buy an adult loft bed once it was clear there were no other good options.”

A few weeks later, their new adult loft bed arrived, and they immediately set to work assembling the aluminum structure in their bedroom. It took about three hours to complete the task, and by that night, they were enjoying an elevated sleep experience in their once-cramped bedroom.

Nanxi Loft Bed

Now that they’ve managed to cut out some of the clutter and open up their space, Nanxi and her boyfriend are able to spend more time in their bedroom working on their creative projects and hobbies. The addition of an adult loft bed has given them a more efficiently designed multi-use space where they have room to pursue the things that they truly enjoy. And of course, you can’t discount the aesthetic and social value of such a stylish and unique piece of furniture.

“The bed looks extremely cool,” said Nanxi. “Especially after I put my drum set underneath it. Our friends are so jealous!”

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