A modern design solution for an age old problem—space.

Finding clever and efficient ways of using space that we already occupy is always a challenge. Now there is a solution. Expand the visual and functional size of your space with a contemporary aluminum loft or bunk bed from Francis Lofts & Bunks.

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  • Tammy

    from Alabama
    “Absolutely LOVE my purchase and so do all of my friends. I ordered 2 queen bunk beds and they were perfect. Very strong and exactly what I was looking for. That's exactly what I got. Love, love, love this!!!!!”
  • Sandra C.

    from California
    “The bed has been a huge success,everyone that comes into our vacation rental leaves talking about the King over King bunk beds. The children of our first renters were so excited that they would not come down for hours except for food.”
  • Tammy Zarins

    from Michigan
    “Words cannot explain how incredibly pleased we are with the bunk bed we purchased!! It is the Cadillac of all the bunk beds out there! As far as the price and service I received- It was WORTH MORE--,seriously- a smart business man friend confided in me that the value of this bed is only going to go up!!”
  • Alfonso Alejo

    from New York City
    “We could not be happier with our bed! The set up was easy. We have twin 15 year old sons. They both confirm that the bed does not move at all. It is very rigid/firm. The construction is outstanding,super high quality. An outstanding value for the price. We would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality bed that will last for decades. And it looks great too!”
  • Tracy

    from Texas
    “We bought queen and full bunk-beds for our cabin. The quality was phenomenal! It far exceeded our expectations! You could tell great care was taken in the manufacturing and packaging of the product. So grateful to have found this company! Great find!!!”
  • Scott

    from North Carolina
    “When an F5 category tornado hits I am going to bed. By the look of my son's room it looks the tornado already struck and the loft is still intact.”
  • John H. Flood III

    from New Jersey
    “Our Francis bunk beds (8 of them) are fantastic. They are very attractive and sturdy. They are in our "bunk room" at our beach house at the Jersey Shore. We have decorated the room to have a nautical theme but the bunks make the room.”
  • Chet M.

    from Florida
    “Let me say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of construction and engineering of the bed... My company was equally impressed... If my place is ever hit by an atomic weapon,I am confident that the bed will be one of the few things that will survive...”
  • John

    from Florida
    “Beautifully designed bed. Sturdy and modern looking. Very impressed with the quality of the product. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.”
  • Jilie Litalien

    from California
    “I absolutely love the bed. Perfect fit for my tiny space (255 sq ft to be exact!). The space saving actually allows me to have a little bit of a living room below. Not to mention,it feels whimsical and cozy to have a loft bed :)”