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Francis Lofts & Bunks was founded on the idea that adults should be able to utilize a loft or bunk bed in their homes without sacrificing safety or feeling like they’re turning their bedroom into a kid’s room. One factor that can lead to adult ambivalence about buying a loft or bunk bed is the preponderance of wooden beds on the market. While there are certainly plenty of well-built wooden loft and bunk beds, most of them are going to be limited in their capabilities, especially if your purpose is to sleep large adults or multiple adults on a nightly basis.

To ensure that we build beds that can last a lifetime, we handcraft our adult loft and bunk beds out of high quality American aluminum, an incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight material. Our commitment to creating a quality product that meets the unique needs of our customers made this an easy and obvious choice, but to help convince you, here are some of the main reasons why you want to go with a metal bed frame for your adult loft or bunk bed.


Beds built from high quality metals are naturally going to be stronger than even the most powerful of wooden loft and bunk beds, since the materials are capable holding significantly more weight without breaking down, and the ability to process aluminum by extruding, rolling, or forging it also increases its strength. By utilizing these reinforcing processes with an innovative engineering design, our adult loft and bunk beds can hold up to 2,000 LBS (which has been stress-tested for accuracy), while most wooden beds (and many other metal ones) cap out at around 500 LBS.


Not only are metal bed frames incredibly strong, they are also safer than wooden loft and bunk beds. Metal beds are durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear without degrading. Meanwhile, wooden bed frames are susceptible to splintering and bending, giving them a limited capacity and making them unfit for larger adults or couples hoping to share a bed. Over time, this difference in durability will become even more apparent, as even well-treated wood will begin to rot at some point, which is not an issue for aluminum or other metals.


Despite having size options all the way up to standard King or California King, our adult loft beds never sway thanks to the stable metal materials we use to build the bed frames. This is due thanks to the aluminum’s raw power and incredible rigidity, which comes from the reinforcing manufacturing processes. Whereas most wooden bed frames will eventually start to warp or weaken with age (especially when regularly tested with a lot of weight), a metal bed will remain stable and sturdy for many, many years, as long as it’s been constructed correctly.

More Stylish

To build a wooden bed that even comes close to matching the capabilities of one of our adult loft or bunk beds, you would have to construct a very bulky product with limited aesthetic value. By contrast, our beds were created for both form and function with a stylish, modern design that looks great in any space, from a luxury urban condo to a lake house guest room to an upscale hotel. Nothing will make your loft or bunk bed experience feel more mature than the sleek and attractive metal frame.

When it comes to purchasing a loft or bunk bed that compliments your adult lifestyle, a metal bed frame provides you with the strength and stability that a wooden bed simply can’t offer, and it’s never a great idea to settle for less when it comes to a piece of furniture that will have you and your guests sleeping five feet (or higher) off the ground. And in addition to the massive weight capacity and unmatched stability, the adult loft and bunk beds from Francis Lofts & Bunks also have a stylish, sophisticated design that will make your room feel grown up and trendy.

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