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In a time when most consumer products are mass-produced and inevitable obsolesce is just part of the package, it can feel refreshing to purchase an item for your home that has been labored over with care and attention. Knowing that something was built just for you immediately imbues it with significance and offers a greater sense of ownership by giving you a more direct connection to its purpose and origins.

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At Francis Lofts & Bunks, we want the people who use our beds to feel that connection, because our goal is to create a quality product that will last a lifetime. Every bed we sell is custom built to the order specifications given to us directly from the person who will be using it. Here are the reasons we do this things this way:

To Fit Your Style

Your bedroom is the one place in your home that is all yours. You don’t have to design it to accommodate anyone but yourself (and whoever you may share it with). Or if you’re decorating a guest room or vacation rental, it’s a chance to get creative and have some fun.

No matter how the space will be used, the bed frame is the centerpiece of every bedroom. Having one built to your style specifications makes it easier to create the space that you want. At Francis Lofts & Bunks, one way to customize your bed is by choosing from one of our stylish finish options. We want you to get the color that matches your existing décor or helps inspire a whole new look for your room.

To Be the Size You Need

Every bedroom has unique characteristics. Savvy shoppers know it can be hard to find a bed that satisfies all your needs. A perfect bed provides the style, comfort, and functionality to enhance your room and sleep experience. A custom bed is great for a room with a unique size or shape. If you’re trying to maximize your space in a particular way, get a bed built to the specifications you need.

Since we build every bed to order, it’s possible for us to build your bed to whatever size your space requires. And for us, that doesn’t mean just the width and length of the frame, but also the height. Our Adult Loft Beds are usually built for ceiling heights of 8, 9, or 10 feet. However, we can make them shorter or taller, depending on the size of your room (and how far you’re willing to climb).

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For Quality Assurance

All our bed frames are handcrafted to order. We do this to provide a product that satisfies the specific needs of each of our customers and lasts a long time. Our thoughtful manufacturing process and rigid standards ensure everyone receives a quality bed. We use strong and durable aluminum to make the bed frames. Our expert team guarantees that every component is perfectly constructed before it’s packaged and shipped out. This is especially necessary when it comes to something like an Adult Loft Bed or Adult Bunk Bed, where safety is the top priority.

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To Be Eco-Friendly

We make every bed to order. Because of this, we don’t create the excessive amount of waste caused by mass production. This is part of what makes our bed frames and manufacturing process eco-friendly.

To make sustainable products, we source the raw materials from an ethical and responsible source. All our beds are LEED certified and are 100% recyclable. Custom-building every bed means we’re only using as many of those materials as we need to fulfill our orders. Plus, our beds are made to last a very long time. Our clients won’t need to replace their bed frames for many years (if at all). This also eliminates unnecessary waste.

To Give an Air of Distinction

A piece of custom-built furniture means you have something made specifically for you. You get to enjoy the feeling of getting a great sleep night after night on a one-of-a-kind bed frame. Whatever your reason for buying that bed may be, it’s your imagination that brought it to life. It’s there to provide you (or your guests) with the perfect sleep experience. What’s cooler than that?

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