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Maximize Your Space

Anywhere that regularly hosts large groups or multiple adults at one time can benefit from the space-saving capabilities of an Adult Triple Bunk Bed. Depending on the size of the bed, you can easily fit anywhere from 3-6 people in a room, while only using up the floor space required for a single bed.

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Safe and Sturdy

Safety is the top priority when you’re stacking three beds on top of each other, which is why we build our Adult Triple Bunk Beds out of high quality American aluminum. These powerful metal bed frames have been tested to hold up to 2,000 LBS per bunk, and the durable materials ensure that the bed won’t degrade over time with normal wear and tear. Provide your guests with a comfortable and secure sleep experience that is also a smart long-term investment for you.

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Practical Style

The simple, yet stylish, design of our Adult Triple Bunk Beds gives them the versatility to blend into whatever room they occupy. Whether it’s as the centerpiece of a vacation home bedroom or one of many beds in a hostel’s dorm area, these beautifully constructed aluminum giants will compliment your space with their subtle elegance.

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Handcrafted to Order

To ensure quality craftsmanship, we custom build all of our adult triple bunk beds based on the specifications that you configure. We want to give you a bed that perfectly meets your unique needs, so if you have additional sizing requirements or customizations you can’t request on our website, contact us directly to discuss options and pricing. (Note: We do not recommend Adult Triple Bunk Beds for rooms with a ceiling height lower than 9 feet.)

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Customized to Your Needs

Depending on the type of experience you want, you may find it necessary to enhance your Adult Triple Bunk Bed with accessories that increase the functionality and storage capabilities of the beds. Choose from a wide range of available options, such as a tray for easy access to personal belongings or a trundle to add even more sleeping space.

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  • American Made

    Our beds are 100% made in the USA using aluminum sourced from Georgia and constructed in Ohio. We also offer discounts for US veterans with proof of military service.

  • Risk Free Trial

    Trust and integrity are essential to our business, which is why we offer a risk free trial for all purchases. If you’re not satisfied with your bed, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling).

  • Eco-Friendly

    The aluminum we use is 100% recyclable. We employ an entirely eco-friendly manufacturing process, which results in a product that can be safely salvaged with minimal environmental effects.

  • Stress Tested

    Our beds have been stress tested by an independent third-party organization to verify their massive weight capacity of 2,000 LBS per sleeping platform.