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From our humble beginnings, Francis Lofts & Bunks has always used high quality American aluminum to construct our heavy duty Adult Loft and Bunk Beds. Because our family has been involved in the aluminum industry since just after World War II, we’ve learned a lot about the amazing features and capabilities of this special material.

Our goal is to build beds that will appease your need for a practical and durable bed frame that lasts for years, while also providing you with a stylish piece of furniture that enhances your space and accentuates your design choices. Aluminum allows us to do that. Below, we dive deeper into the top six reasons why aluminum is the ideal material for creating sturdy, long-lasting loft and bunk beds for adults.

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Aluminum is among the strongest metals on the planet, meaning it’s capable of supporting a significant amount of weight. When we set out to make loft and bunk beds specifically for adults, this was, of course, our first concern. Ultimately, what sets our beds apart is that we only use high quality, commercial-grade aluminum to ensure their strength is never compromised.


What makes aluminum a truly unique material is its incredible durability. Aluminum furniture continues to be popular because of how long it lasts without ever degrading in quality or falling apart from regular wear and tear. Plus, unlike many other metals, aluminum is largely resistant to corrosion and environmental effects. While strength is a crucial factor in building a loft or bunk bed capable of supporting multiple fully grown adults, durability is what makes our beds a smart long-term investment.

White Queen Triple Bunk in Cabin With Model


Aluminum is a shockingly lightweight metal – especially for how strong and durable it is – which means that even our largest bed frames are easy to maneuver. When compared to wooden loft or bunk beds and many other metals, the lightweight nature of aluminum means it’s no trouble at all to move your bed frame to change your sheets, clean behind it, or rearrange your space.


Though it is powerful and durable, aluminum is also super easy to work with. There is a reason why everything from furniture to cookware to vehicles to outdoor railings and columns are made from aluminum. Aluminum can be extruded or cast into a wide variety of shapes and designs, which is what allows us to offer so many different accessories for our beds that are just as strong, durable, and resistant as the bed frames themselves.


Part of the beauty of aluminum’s malleability is that we’re able to create designs for our beds that are as attractive and stylish as they are functional and strong. When we begin with the concept of building “beds for life,” it’s essential that we create something you’ll be excited to see every day. Aluminum gives us the ability make beds with a unique and sophisticated contemporary look that complements a wide range of styles (especially once you factor in our five decorative finishes).

Easy to Clean

Because aluminum is so resistant to elemental factors, it always looks great and requires little maintenance. It’s super easy to clean and can be quickly spruced up with a little bit of soap and water (or some cleaning solution).

The Perfect Material for Your Perfect Bed

At the end of the day, we want to offer you more than just a place to lay your head. That is why we turn to the strength, durability, and versatility of aluminum to build long-lasting beds that will enhance the look and functionality of your space for years to come.

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