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One feature of our Adult Loft and Bunk Beds we frequently highlight is the massive 2,000 lb weight capacity per sleeping platform. In other words, each individual sleeping area or bunk on all of our beds - from the Platform Bed to the Triple Bunk Bed - has been tested and proven capable of holding up to at least one ton.

Interesting and astonishing, yes, but why, exactly, is it important for our beds to be able to support such an incredible amount of weight?

Safety and Comfort

Everybody should be able to take advantage of the space-saving capabilities of our loft and bunk beds, and everyone who uses one (or more) of our Adult Bunk Beds in their vacation rental properties should feel confident that their guests will be safe and secure during their stay. With such a substantial weight capacity (in addition to the stability and durability of our aluminum bed frames), people of all shapes and sizes can find an Adult Loft or Bunk Bed that perfectly suits them and rest easy knowing they’re not going anywhere but to sleep.

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Great for Couples

Unlike flimsier loft and bunk beds on the market, our Adult Loft and Bunk Beds are designed to appeal to, well, adults. Often, this means the beds will be used by couples, either as their everyday bed frame in their homes, or by couples traveling in groups and looking to save money by sharing a rental or a room with other people. Sleeping in bed with another person is a common part of adult life, so in order to build loft and bunk beds that are truly for adults, we had to make sure that they could support two fully grown people encompassing a range of sizes and body types. This means not only offering a massive weight capacity, but also designing a bed frame that reduces or eliminates sway and movement while it’s in use.

Mattresses are Heavy

There’s no getting around it: most mattresses are pretty heavy. When you’re considering the necessary weight capacity for your new bed — but especially an elevated bed — you can’t forget to factor in the additional weight of your mattress. Obviously there is no set weight for mattresses, but on average they tend to weigh anywhere from 50 to 150 lb, depending on the type of mattress, materials used, and size. So if you’re looking for a King Loft Bed for two adults, you’re also going to need it to support a heavier mattress based on size alone. The more weight your bed frame can carry, the more versatile it will be, allowing you to sleep on whatever kind of mattress you need to get a great night’s sleep without having to worry about safety or durability.

Useful for More Than Just Sleep

A good bed is one that integrates itself into your life and provides you with more than just a place to lay your head at night. It should also be your private, cozy sanctuary where you can unwind and find peace, comfort, and relaxation at any time of day. That is why we’re constantly innovating new ways for our loft and bunk beds to serve your needs as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. For example, accessories like our bookshelves (see below) not only offer a place to conveniently keep useful items close-by when you’re in bed, but they also give you extra storage and decoration space in your room and can house lights, chargers, or other practical items to keep you from constantly having to get on and off the elevated bed frame. However, this sort of addition means your bed frame will need to support more weight than a standard sleeping platform that is only going to hold you and your mattress. Our massive weight capacity is what allows us to extend the functionality of our beds with these types of accessories.

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Beds for Life

No matter how your life may change over the years, it’s comforting to know that your bed can not only handle those changes, but can actually adapt to them, as well. A high weight capacity is the first (but most important) part of building beds that last a lifetime and grow with our customers.

How Our Beds are Able to Hold So Much Weight

When we started building loft and bunk beds for adults, weight capacity was the primary issue that we were attempting to solve. With most lofts and bunks on the market (even those advertised as being “for adults”), it is hard to find many options that can hold over 500 lb, let alone something that is guaranteed to be safe and comfortable for more than one fully grown person. Over the years, we’ve perfected our elevated bed design based largely on the following principles.

Strong, Durable Materials

The design of our beds starts with using high quality, incredibly durable American aluminum with proven strength capabilities. This material is actually frequently used for buildings and other commercial projects.

Innovative Design

Rather than building our bed frames as one large piece of connected furniture, our unique design utilizes heavy duty aluminum brackets and wide metal posts and rails that connect together, allowing each piece of the bed to absorb weight, so that the total load on the bed is evenly dispersed throughout the bed frame.

Handcrafted Construction

Quality assurance is essential when it comes to making furniture intended to support a lot of weight. That is a huge part of the reason why every component of our Adult Loft and Bunk Beds is carefully crafted by one of our engineers. We want to ensure that every customer receives an excellent product that will provide them (or their guests) with safety and stability for years to come.

Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to buying an elevated bed frame that both supports and complements your adult life. Our Adult Loft and Bunk Beds may stand out because they can hold a lot of weight, but that’s just part of what makes them unique products that will transform your space and your sleep. Keep looking around our website to learn more and find the perfect bed for you.

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