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Many people question whether an Adult Loft Bed is practical and safe for adults to use in their daily lives. As more young people move to cities and live in apartments with roommates, space becomes valuable. Loft beds are no longer impractical, but rather necessary in some cases.

However, young adults considering a loft bed frame for their new homes, one important question remains (often unasked). Can you have sex on a loft bed?

Dr Liz Photo - 800x445 Photo by Regina Felice Garcia

A Sex Postive Experience

Dr. Liz Powell is a renowned “sex positive psychologist,” author, and speaker.

Dr. Liz’s career started in 2010, when they served as a psychologist in the US Army. They wanted to help people who identified as sexual minorities. It wasn’t long before they gained a reputation as a mental health professional for soldiers who needed a safe space. This was important because at that time, the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was still in place.

Once their service was over, Dr. Liz opened a practice in San Francisco. They began writing and speaking in an effort to reach more people and help them.

After a few years, Dr. Liz moved to Portland, Oregon. They moved to grow their psychology practice, finish a book, and be part of the city’s open and welcoming culture.

Facing a Space Problem

Dr. Liz began planning the move to Oregon in the early part of 2018. They found a small house to rent and planned to share it with multiple roommates. After learning more about the new house, Dr. Liz realized their new bedroom couldn’t fit all their stuff and a regular bed frame. To say there was a shortage of floor space would be an understatement.

Time to get creative, and for Dr. Liz, that meant investing in a space-saving loft bed for adults.

Bed Dr. Liz’s Adult Loft Bed

Finding the perfect loft bed meant fulfilling two specific requirements. Foremost, Dr. Liz was in search of a loft bed that could accommodate their queen-sized mattress. They did not want to sacrifice sleeping space when they moved.

The second thing Dr. Liz needed was a super sturdy loft bed. As part of their practice, Dr. Liz believes that Great Sex Can Change the World™. They also practice what they preach and have a healthy and active adult life.

Most loft bed options they came across seemed “poorly made or shaky.” Dr. Liz already had experiences sleeping on a let’s say “less-than-quality” bed frame. They knew how much of a hassle and safety hazard they could be. They were especially concerned when it came to a lofted bed frame.

Introducing the Adult Loft Bed into the Bedroom

Fortunately, Dr. Liz found Francis Lofts & Bunks and our Adult Loft Beds. These heavy-duty loft beds for adults boast a massive 2,000 lbs weight capacity and don’t sway or move at all.

Dr. Liz liked our beds right away, but the positive customer reviews are what sold them. One review said, “This bed won’t move no matter what you do.” That seemed to be precisely what they were in search of!

Their roommate - who works as a handyman - help them assemble their new Queen Loft Bed. He even made a point of acknowledging the sturdiness and craftsmanship the bed frame.

Dr. Liz chose a bed with a staircase that has extra storage space to make even more room in her new bedroom. They put a dresser and chair under the loft bed, creating a comfy spot for reading and crafting. This provided space for relaxation, hobbies, and activities in their own bedroom. Having a regular bed frame wouldn’t have allowed them to do these things.

under bed The setup beneath Dr. Liz’s Queen Loft Bed

When asked, Dr. Liz addressed what may be most people’s biggest question about our Adult Loft Beds. They confirmed that these beds are strong, stable, and can handle even the most energetic adult activities.

You can trust Dr. Liz — they’re a professional.

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