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April 04, 2019 | By Michael Garrity

A Loft Bed Built for Adult Life

When some people first encounter the idea of an adult loft bed, they question the practicality of such a product, wondering how it could safely support the rigors of adult life. But as younger generations continue to gravitate toward urban areas, where apartment living is the norm, most people have roommates, and space is a precious commodity, loft beds quickly go from impractical to almost a necessity in some cases.

Dr. Liz Photo by Regina Felice Garcia

Take, for instance, Dr. Liz Powell, a renowned sex positive psychologist, author, and speaker. After spending a few years making a name for herself in San Francisco, Dr. Liz decided to move to Portland, Oregon. Partially an attempt to save some money (San Francisco is notoriously expensive, after all), but also to finish her book, expand her practice, and be part of the burgeoning city’s open and friendly culture.

Dr. Liz’s career started in 2010, when she served as a psychologist in the US Army. Her goal was always to provide support people who identified as sexual minorities, and during her service, she built a niche for herself in the Army as the go-to mental health professional for soldiers seeking a safe space during a time when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was still an official military policy.

Once her service was over, she took her experience and opened a practice in San Francisco. Within a year, she began to branch out as a writer and speaker in an effort to reach a wider audience and help more people.

When she began planning her move to Oregon in the early part of 2018, she quickly realized that the new bedroom she was going to be living in (in a small house she would be sharing with multiple roommates) simply wouldn’t be able to accommodate all of her personal belongings and a standard bed. To say there was a shortage of floor space would be an understatement. It was time to get creative, and the centerpiece of her design was going to have to include a loft bed.

Bed Dr. Liz’s adult loft bed

In searching for the perfect bed, Dr. Liz had two specific requirements: the bed had to be queen size (she already had a mattress she loved and didn’t want to replace) and it absolutely had to be sturdy. As a firm believer in the idea that Great Sex Can Change the World™, it’s no surprise that Dr. Liz practices what she preaches and has a healthy and active adult life.

Most loft bed options she came across seemed “poorly made or shaky.” Having had a former partner that slept on a less-than-quality loft bed, she knew how much of a hassle and safety hazard they could be, and she was determined not to make the same mistake. Fortunately, she found Francis Lofts & Bunks. Our beds immediately looked like what she needed, but it was the customer reviews that really sold her; specifically, one that read, “No matter what you do, this bed will not move.” Perfect! (Her roommate, who works as a handyman and helped her assemble the loft, even made a point of acknowledging the sturdiness and craftsmanship of her new bed.)

To increase the amount of storage space in her new bedroom, Dr. Liz opted to get the staircase accessory with her bed, which features 10 cubbies for storage and display. She was able to fit her dresser and a chair underneath the loft bed, giving herself a cozy reading/craft nook and, more importantly, space to stretch out and enjoy her room for activities beyond just sleeping, which wouldn’t have been an option with a standard bed.

under bed The setup beneath Dr. Liz’s adult loft bed

Dr. Liz also addressed what may be most people’s biggest question about our adult loft beds. According to her, these beds are as sturdy as we promise and can withstand even the most vigorous of adult activities. You can trust her— she’s a professional.