Price: $115

Can't imagine life without a nightstand? Don't worry - we've got you covered. The tray matches the color of your bed and attaches to the upper platform to provide the perfect place for setting down your phone, book, or cup of water.



Price: $660

The bookshelf will truly elevate your bunk or loft bed sleeping experience. Get creative with the extra space by adding a lamp, books, candles, and plants. Nothing is more homey than a bookshelf at the head of your bed. Please note, the loft bed will be 8" longer when a bookshelf is added to the order (no change for the bunk bed).


Pillow Support (Bottom Only)

Price: $110

The pillow support accessory will prevent your pillows from falling off the back of your bed.



Price: $565

Need to sleep even more people? The trundle could be your solution. Place a mattress on top of the trundle and slide it under your bunk bed or loft bed. It won't move once someone lays down on it to go to sleep.


Corner Shelf

Price: $150

If you're a fan of the tray on the top of the bunk bed, you'll love the corner shelf designed for the bottom of the bunk bed and loft bed. Store your phone, books, laptop, or a flashlight.


Bookshelf (Bottom)

Price: $660

Love the idea of a bookshelf? You can also add it to the bottom of your bunk bed.



Price: $880 ($685 if used instead of ladder)

If you're worried about climbing up and down a ladder every night, a staircase can be a better solution. Not only will it make it easier to ascend and descend from your top mattress, it also provides storage space as each step is an open cubby. The staircase is available in any of our bed colors as well as various stain options (email us for these).



Price: $750

One of the best ways to utilize the space underneath your loft bed is with a desk. Due to popular demand, we now offer a desk accessory which can be added to any loft bed!

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