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Vacation rental owners have to consider a number of things in order to be successful, and one of the items that is usually top of mind is how we can maximize our rents. What’s the best way, you ask?


The majority of rentals have one bed per room, unless it’s a huge room, then there may be 2 doubles. Great idea! But what if there was another way to even further utilize space…?

Think outside of the box.


Hear me out…

We often think of bunk beds as those rickety beds we slept in as kids, or the glorified cots at summer camp. Well, not anymore, friends! Allow me to introduce you to the world of Adult Bunk Beds! King Over King bunks, anyone?


If I were going to add these bunk beds in my rentals, I would think of how I could do it in a way that created a unique niche in my property’s area. Niches are what make rentals stand out!

But…. DON’T GO CRAZY, y’all. Don’t try to squeeze 12 people in to a 3 bedroom 2 bath house, lol. I mean, there are limits (and I don’t just mean to the plumbing). ;)


Under what circumstances would these beds make sense for adults?

Market your rental as THE place to stay for a girls or guys weekend, or even a family reunion, perhaps. Think about the renters your area and home are most likely to attract, then consider what celebrations, getaways, etc. would entice that age group. Use those terms to boost your SEO on your website and listings!

Girls off bed (far)

Decorate these beds to appeal to the demographic you want to attract. Use quality bedding that is elegant and grown up. Sometimes getting hung up on trying to appeal to anyone and everyone is exactly what will make you disappear among the competition. Don’t be afraid to STAND OUT! Need we review?….

The riches are in the ____. (Just checking to make sure you were paying attention, hee hee).


Calculate your cost basis to add these beds, plus all of the additional accessories (dishes, towels, seating, etc.).

Next, pull some comparisons on the platforms you list your rental on. First, look at comparable rentals to ensure that you are priced right. Then, expand your search to properties with the same number of bedrooms you have, increase how many people they sleep, and note the rise in what you can charge.

Make sure the potential increase in rents is worth the extra wear and tear on your home & expense…but 9 out of 10 times, it’s worth doing!


Wahoo! You’re so smaht. Francis Lofts & Bunks have soooo many amazing options with different colors, sizes, setups, trundles, accessories…you name it! Beyond that, it’s up to you how tricked out you want these super sturdy bunk beds to be.



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With 14 years as a short-term rental host and 8 years as an Interior Designer, Marilynn has the combined skills to serve both the vacation rental host and DIYers to create beautiful spaces that feed the soul and are destinations in and of themselves. She has proven this in managing five bi-coastal, short term rental properties that all outperform in their market. In addition, her design work is consistently featured on outlets such as HGTV, House Beautiful UK, Southbay Magazine, and more. By offering tips and inspiration on her web, social media presence, and consulting services, she is able to serve clients anywhere in the world. Learn more at

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