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In an age when many consumer goods are made to become obsolete in just a few years, Francis Lofts & Bunks strives to build bed frames that can last a lifetime. By using only the highest quality American aluminum to construct our beds, we not only guarantee unparalleled strength and a massive weight capacity, but also an incredibly durable product that can withstand the rigorous wear and tear.

Our goal is to refrain from shipping out products that will simply become waste within a decade, especially considering the time, energy, and resources that go into building something like an adult loft or bunk bed. This is the basis of our company’s broader commitment to an environmentally responsible manufacturing process that results in a 100% recyclable, eco-friendly product.

The aluminum used to construct all of our beds and accessories is certified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and eligible for LEED Materials and Resources (MR) 4 credits based upon the recycled materials utilized. In other words, if a time comes when you no longer need your bed anymore and cannot find a new home for it, you can simply bring it to a certified and properly equipped facility to have the materials recycled for future use, rather than thrown away somewhere where they won’t break down for a long, long time.

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MR credits are all about minimizing the “embodied energy” and additional environmental impacts associated with extracting, processing, transporting, maintaining, and disposing of building or construction materials. Because the aluminum used to build our beds is the same heavy duty metal used to construct commercial railings and columns, it’s forged with the same environmentally conscious manufacturing process as all LEED-certified buildings (that’s also how the beds are so strong, if you were ever wondering). To achieve certification, your process and product must meet certain requirements that are “designed to support a life-cycle approach that…promotes resource efficiency.”

We handcraft every bed to order, so we are able to maintain a streamlined construction process that doesn’t accrue an excess of wasted materials or unused parts. By enacting a thoughtful manufacturing process from start-to-finish and adhering to the LEED certification requirements, we are able to create products that can be safely salvaged with minimal environmental effects. This is important to us, because we build beds to last a lifetime, and we want that to be a long and healthy lifetime for all of our customers and beyond.

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