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Please note: Our Adult Loft Beds do require the use of x-braces on three sides of the bed to ensure maximum stability.

Interior design specialist Nastazsa recently featured a Francis Lofts & Bunks Adult Loft Bed as the focal point of a complete bedroom makeover in a video on her YouTube channel. We’re very excited to share this and show you a real life example of how an adult loft bed can revitalize a small room and turn it into an efficient multi-use space.

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Looking to do something special for her brother’s birthday, Nastazsa utilized her expertise to give his space-deficient bedroom a much needed redesign. His idea was to bring in a loft bed as a way to increase floor space without sacrificing comfort. However, as a young man in his mid-20s, he required a strong and sturdy loft bed that could support him for the long haul, which is what initially led him to us and our Adult Loft Beds. He was also looking for additional storage and an easier way to climb into the bed night after night, and so they ordered a matching staircase, making the bed more functional and practical for his unique space.

Once they received the loft bed, Nastazsa went to work removing all of her brother’s existing furniture and décor and replaced it with stylish 3D wallpaper, new artwork, and of course, a beautiful black Adult Loft Bed, under which she added a new desk, so that her brother can work on passion projects in his own space.

Watch the video above to see this amazing transformation for yourself, and when you’re done, don’t forget to subscribe to Nastazsa’s channel and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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