King Bunk Bed

Not for the faint at heart.

The King Over King Bunk Bed will leave your guests literally jaw-dropped. The high quality aluminum material means that this gigantic bed is not only extremely strong but actually quite lightweight. This bed is for the folks that want to sleep like kings, even if they need to share the room with a family member.

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  • Our Promise

    We believe in integrity, trust, and customer SERVICE, If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30
days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling.

  • American Made

    We source all of our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be completely American Made.

  • Certifiably Safe

    Our beds are certifiably safe, conforming to the latest consumer product safety standards, so you can rest assured that you won’t be going anywhere but to sleep.

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Our beds not only save you tons of space, but will look great in your home.

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Customer Reviews (6)

5.0 out of 5.0 average
  • Excellent product! Easy website on which to order. Delivered to home with a few tears in the boxes and minor scratches. None visible after assembly. And they sent some touch up paint just in case! They noted an error that one item did not ship and notified me and immediately shipped out. The bed is extremely sturdy and was not difficult to assemble. It is easier with 3-4 people however. I would highly recommend this product!
  • Grandkids and guests love it at the lake house.
  • This furniture purchase was the most impactful and useful furniture solution I've ever made. Three adults and two dogs have been happily sleeping in the same room for nearly 6 months now. There's peace at home. Friends and guests always complement the bed when they visit. Highly recommend!
  • Love the beds- family and friends are amazed at king sized bunk beds- easy to put together and well built
  • The bed has been a huge success, everyone that comes into our vacation rental leaves talking about the King over King bunk beds. The children of our first renters were so excited that they would not come down for hours except for food . We had to move some renters to another unit and before they left they asked to see the BUNK bed. They were very disappointed they did not get the condo on the beach with the bunk beds. The bed has been a huge success with everyone and is always the topic of conversation when they leave.
  • I am a 51 year old mother of two boys, ages 14 and 11, both of whom have special needs. I am conservative in my spending habits. This king sized bunk bed is in my 11 year old's room. He has sleepovers with 5 boys. I sleep on the top bunk to get away from it all (that alone is worth the investment). Both boys can sleep together but apart. Even the dogs love it. My husband thought I was crazy at first, but now he understands how this bed encourages social interaction while maintaining privacy. It will be a great piece for when the boys get their first apartment too. Sturdy, HUGE and just plain old fun. Oh - and the customer service is 5 stars too.If you look at the price of other lame bunkbeds, why would you NOT buy this one? For a few dollars more you get so much more bed and quality.