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The perfect solution for everyone.

If you're looking for a versatile bunk bed, look no further than this full sized bunk bed. It is perfect for sleeping teenagers and adults alike, and thanks to its incredibly durable aluminum material, it will last a lifetime.

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    We believe in integrity, trust, and customer SERVICE, If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30
days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling.

  • American Made

    We source all of our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be completely American Made.

  • Certifiably Safe

    Our beds are certifiably safe, conforming to the latest consumer product safety standards, so you can rest assured that you won’t be going anywhere but to sleep.

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Our beds not only save you tons of space, but will look great in your home.

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Customer Reviews (12)

4.9 out of 5.0 average
  • Bought this for my 21 and 18 year old son and daughter. They're in college so we downsized and now they share a room. It's simple and sturdy. My daughter, my friend and I put it together.
  • This bed is an amazing bed. Well worth the money however there need to be a step by step video on how to assemble this bunk bed. #lovemybunkbed
  • Great product, excellent customer interaction.
  • These heavy duty bunk beds are an excellent addition to our lake house. Sleeping space for adults is at a premium and these work great
  • We bought the full over full bunk beds with stairs and the fireman pole for our 7 and 10 year old growing boys. Assembly was not as bad as we thought it would be - my husband was able to do half of it on his own and the rest went very quickly. We opted for the stairs/bookcase option in lieu of a ladder. The stairs are huge and sturdy. My only complaint is it is a little slippery. I am looking for some kind of solution to that, including rubber grips and stair carpet. We ordered the option for a 10' ceiling. There is plenty of room on the bottom bunk for my 7 year old so we know he won't bump his head. I like that I can tuck him in and not worry about slamming my head on the upper bunk! We decided not to purchase the plywood upgrade because we had 1"" steel bunkie boards. We quickly realized these boards won't fit the bottom bunk. On the top bunk, we squeezed it in between the posts. Even still, there is a gap between the wood planks and where the mattress is supposed to go. The bottom bunk is currently unsupported, as we still need to purchase some kind of wood at the perfect depth to allow the planks to support the bed. Given the size of the bed and the dimension of the corner posts, the entire thing is a bit wobbly. We made sure everything was square and lined up, and every screw is tight. We will end up securing the bed to the wall at some point to help with the wobble.
  • We love these beds! We purchased two twins and one full, along with trundles, for a bunk room. They are super sturdy, very good looking, and the instructions were very clear.
  • We had a unique space constraint and Francis Lofts worked with us on our exact needs. We're very happy with the high quality construction and love the sleek look and feel. The superior strength makes it a worry free bed no matter what size person needs to use it. The bunks are the favorite room to sleep in at our house.
  • I was worried about the assembly but the process went smoothly. Grandkids love it and even adult guests are very comfortable. Love the modern look.
  • The bunk bed is awesome and unique, really different ton nything out there right now. I've had it for at least six months and I love it. My kids love it and we get compliments from everyone who sees it and uses it. The finish is very elegant and modern but not crazy looking. Very classy. But not only the looks, the product is high quality and sturdy built to last many, many years. Well engineered to o be comfortable, last a long time and look great in most rooms. That's the bunk bed. I really love it, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • I loved your product and dealing with your people on the phone. I've never seen such a beautiful and practical Bunk bed, I wish it was for me, I'm jealous of my kids, can't tell you enough on how simple it was to put together, did it by myself in a couple of hours