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As an interior designer, the essence of your work revolves around finding creative ways to achieve your unique vision within the limitations of the room or rooms you have to work with. This is usually easier said than done.

When it comes to cramped bedrooms or guest rooms where your goal is to accommodate multiple people and space is already at a premium, bunk beds are the perfect solution.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the ways your interior design practice can benefit greatly from the use of bunk beds.

More Space With No Waste

The most obvious and important benefit of bunk beds is that they provide an additional sleep option for one or two people without wasting valuable floor space. By utilizing vertical space to include your extra sleeping platform, you keep the room more functional and free of unnecessary clutter, while also making the space much more practical for multiple people, such as big families or vacation rental guests in large groups.

Greater Design Possibilities

Bunk beds give interior designers more opportunities to express their creativity. Bunk beds allow you to provide a thoughtful and practical solution to issues of space and sleeping options, but the value a quality bunk bed adds to the room doesn’t stop there.

When you save a significant amount of floor space, you also find yourself with a much larger canvas to unleash your creative vision upon. Now you can incorporate more functional furniture, add some elaborate art, and get wild with lighting, especially by illuminating each of the bed’s sleeping platforms.

Naples Interior Design Bunk Bed - Full Photo courtesy of Natasha Pereira Interior Design

A Smart Investment

Buying a bunk bed means that you only need to buy one bed frame to fit more than two people in a single room, which saves you both the time and cost associated with purchasing, setting up, and dressing multiple beds (on top of all the aforementioned floor space you’ll be saving). Simply put, bunk beds are a cost-effective way to quickly and significantly increase space in a shared or guest bedroom.

Not only does a bunk bed save money while providing multiple sleeping options, but for vacation rental owners, it can also increase the value of their property by making it more practical and attractive to large groups. This allows owners to charge a slightly higher price to accommodate a wider range of potential customers for the same space, meaning the bunk bed will eventually pay for itself in added revenue.

Provide Some Privacy

Whether you’re designing a permanently shared bedroom or a temporary space for travelers to rest in between excursions, inevitably, someone staying there is going to want some privacy. Bunk beds are a great way to give people some personal space, even when the overall space in the room is limited. Especially if you accent the bed frame with curtains and/or provide lighting options for each bunk.

This level of privacy is much harder to pull off with two bed frames coexisting side-by-side in the same room. Bunk beds also help in situations where people may be on different schedules or routines and want to avoid disturbing the people they’re sharing the room with.

They’re Just Fun

At the end of the day, people just love bunk beds. They bring a sense of fun and playfulness into any space they occupy, which makes them great for teenagers and their friends, but also for guest bedrooms, vacation homes, or other places where people are visiting and there to have an out of the ordinary experience. Shake things up with your interior design and leave your clients and guests with something memorable to take with them and share with others.

Bunk Beds for Adults

Bunk beds offer a time-tested way to maximize your space, but the vast majority of them are built for kids or teens, meaning they are often limited in terms of weight capacity, size options, and functionality.

We created our innovative Adult Bunk Bed to help families and vacation rental hosts maximize the space in their rooms to accommodate everyone safely and comfortably. Our beds not only meet the rigid strength, stability, and durability requirements necessary to support adults of all shapes and sizes, but also employ a modern and sophisticated design that accents any style or décor.

As an interior designer, utilizing an Adult Bunk Bed ensures that you’re not only providing your clients with a practical furniture solution that suits the unique needs of their space, but also fulfilling your duty to provide an aesthetically guided design that doesn’t sacrifice style or elegance for pure functionality and purpose.

Trade Partner Program

At Francis Lofts & Bunks, we have a Partner Program for trade professionals – including interior designers, home stagers, vacation rental owners, and more – that provides special discounts, referral bonuses, marketing materials, and cross-channel promotional opportunities, among other things. To learn more and apply for this program, visit

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