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Adult Loft Bed

Increase the space in your apartment or home with a loft bed designed for adults like you.

Featuring a 2,000 pound weight capacity, rock-solid stability, and 4 contemporary finishes, you can finally own a loft bed that is as attractive as it is practical and safe.

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  • Our Promise

    We believe in integrity, trust, and customer SERVICE, If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30
days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling.

  • American Made

    We source all of our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be completely American Made.

  • Certifiably Safe

    Our beds are certifiably safe, conforming to the latest consumer product safety standards, so you can rest assured that you won’t be going anywhere but to sleep.

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Beds For Life

Our beds not only save you tons of space, but will look great in your home.

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Customer Reviews (128)

4.8 out of 5.0 average
  • OMG. I still can't believe that I finally have a loft bed in my bedroom! My boyfriend and I made the decision to buy a loft bed the moment we moved to our new bedroom. Because I have a set of e-drum and we have lots of photography equipments, making it extremely hard for us to organize the room if we chose a normal queen bed. We've checked all options on IKEA, Wayfair and Amazon, but barely found any loft bed that is designed for adult let alone two adults and most of them has a weight limit around 250 lb. From reviews of those products, many people complained that the bed is too shaky while climbing, which reminds me of an unpleasant experience of sleeping on a loft bed during my stay at an airbnb --- every time I want to change my position on the bed, the bed starts to shake along with some noises. I barely slept that night. :( So the plan got stuck, and I was so upset. However, things got changed one week later: we found Francis Lofts & Bunks while searching randomly online. I was impressed by the description: loft bed for adult, featuring 2000 pound weight capacity. That's exactly what I've been looking for!!!! Though we've hesitated for a while due to its high price($2000+ is not a small number) and shipping fees, we finally made the decision since there's no other good options. We were so excited to receive five huge packages several weeks later. There’re several worn surface on the stick, might due to shipping, but no impact on the function. The installation process is not difficult but the instruction is a bit confusing. It would be better if there’s a video online that we can clearly see and easily follow those steps. It took us (two to three people) around 3 hrs to full set it up. After installation it requires several adjustments to completely stop the bed from shaking. We are pretty satisfied with the final result. The bed looks extremely cool especially after I put my drum set under it. Our friends are so jealous!!! I would give 95 out of 100 for this loft bed. Highly recommend.
  • Great customer service! Excellent experience working with you.
  • Amazing quality, no squeaks from movement at all and very easy to put together!
  • Impressive!!! Perfect for teen to adult in our Chicago loft!
  • The loft bed to rule all loft beds! I'm convinced that if there's an earthquake in my city the only thing left standing will be this bed. I was skeptical at first, as this is the priciest option for a loft bed I found on the market, but it is worth every dollar. It's solid--No squeak, no movement, no matter the circumstances. Easy to set up, too. This is quality engineering through and through.
  • What is one to do when you move from a house in Texas to an apartment in New York and your two 20-something-college-attending kiddos are making your nest not so empty? You buy a loft bed, of course! This loft bed is great on so many levels. It’s incredibly sturdy and worth every penny. We are so happy with our purchase and highly recommend it. The only recommendation I hope is improved upon are the assembly directions. They were a little confusing at times. A picture is worth a thousand words and I recommend adding more pics for the directions. Besides that, we love it and will have sweet dreams for years to come.
  • Amazing product and amazing customer service!
  • Your loft bed exceeded my expectations. High quality and a very nice finish. Great product that looks very stylish in the apartment.
  • Great materials. Nice finish. Looks really great in our space.
  • The loft bed is amazing! I expected that I'd need a friend to help me assemble it, but I was shocked at how easy it was to assemble it by myself. The bed is very sturdy and has a cool design, it's easily the centerpiece of my studio. It's freed up so much floor space, too. Best of all, the customer service is amazing, helping me with all of my questions and keeping me updated on when the bed was ready to ship. This bed will last a lifetime, but if I ever need another one, I'm definitely coming back here again!