Adult Loft Bed

Increase the space in your apartment or home with a loft bed designed for adults like you.

Featuring a 2,000 pound weight capacity, rock-solid stability, and 4 contemporary finishes, you can finally own a loft bed that is as attractive as it is practical and safe.

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  • Our Promise

    We believe in integrity, trust, and customer SERVICE, If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30
days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling.

  • American Made

    We source all of our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be completely American Made.

  • Certifiably Safe

    Our beds are certifiably safe, conforming to the latest consumer product safety standards, so you can rest assured that you won’t be going anywhere but to sleep.

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Beds For Life

Our beds not only save you tons of space, but will look great in your home.

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Customer Reviews (124)

4.8 out of 5.0 average
  • What is one to do when you move from a house in Texas to an apartment in New York and your two 20-something-college-attending kiddos are making your nest not so empty? You buy a loft bed, of course! This loft bed is great on so many levels. It’s incredibly sturdy and worth every penny. We are so happy with our purchase and highly recommend it. The only recommendation I hope is improved upon are the assembly directions. They were a little confusing at times. A picture is worth a thousand words and I recommend adding more pics for the directions. Besides that, we love it and will have sweet dreams for years to come.
  • Amazing product and amazing customer service!
  • Great customer service! Excellent experience working with you.
  • Your loft bed exceeded my expectations. High quality and a very nice finish. Great product that looks very stylish in the apartment.
  • Great materials. Nice finish. Looks really great in our space.
  • The loft bed is amazing! I expected that I'd need a friend to help me assemble it, but I was shocked at how easy it was to assemble it by myself. The bed is very sturdy and has a cool design, it's easily the centerpiece of my studio. It's freed up so much floor space, too. Best of all, the customer service is amazing, helping me with all of my questions and keeping me updated on when the bed was ready to ship. This bed will last a lifetime, but if I ever need another one, I'm definitely coming back here again!
  • I love my lofted twin xl with desk underneath. It's a real space saver for my small apartment, and I'm impressed with how sturdy the construction is!
  • Our king size loft bed is a game changer for our small studio. It’s completely sturdy and beautiful to look at. We turned the area under the loft bed into an office. Our space is much more efficient now. We love how well-designed this frame is.
  • I needed extra space for my home office, so I started investigating Loft Beds. I looked at the big box store loft beds, and they looked like they would not last a year. So I bought a Francis Lofts loft bed after I exhausted my search. I was truly impressed with the quality. The wood and metal frame is extremely heavy duty. I am quite a large man, and I could not wear this bed out in my lifetime. This is a one-time purchase, because these are heirloom products. I will be passing this bed down to a family member someday, because they will last forever. My elderly father was so impressed with the loft bed that I bought for myself that I bought him a standard bed and he has been very happy with it!
  • We bought the white queen sized loft bed for our son when we moved into our NYC apartment. The measurements were precise and it fit perfectly in the room. It is so well made, so sturdy, strong and looks incredible. Jeffie was so responsive and the website was extremely easy to use. The only negative was that one of the long metal sides of the bed had a big gash in it but I suspect that was because of the shipping company. Luckily it was the side that is now facing the wall and is hidden from view, so it wasn't an issue in the end. I would highly recommend their loft beds to everyone, as I have to my friends and colleagues!