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The full sized loft bed is the perfect solution for increasing the functional space in your apartment or home. Featuring unparalleled rigidity and strength, you will feel like your standard bed just got a lot taller. How will you get creative with the space underneath? Perhaps a desk, loveseat, reading area, or additional storage?

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    We believe in integrity, trust, and customer SERVICE, If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30
days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling.

  • American Made

    We source all of our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be completely American Made.

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    Our beds are certifiably safe, conforming to the latest consumer product safety standards, so you can rest assured that you won’t be going anywhere but to sleep.

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Our beds not only save you tons of space, but will look great in your home.

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Customer Reviews (30)

4.9 out of 5.0 average
  • The loft bed is amazing! I expected that I'd need a friend to help me assemble it, but I was shocked at how easy it was to assemble it by myself. The bed is very sturdy and has a cool design, it's easily the centerpiece of my studio. It's freed up so much floor space, too. Best of all, the customer service is amazing, helping me with all of my questions and keeping me updated on when the bed was ready to ship. This bed will last a lifetime, but if I ever need another one, I'm definitely coming back here again!
  • The directions to put it together could have been A LOT better. That being said, after making a few errors we finally got the loft put together and it's great.
  • The first thing that strikes you about the bed (once freed from the boxes) is how substantial it is—heavy gauged and sturdy. Assembly was easier than the last IKEA contraption I put together. And I did it by myself! My son loves it and so far (knock on wood) it has proved indestructible! I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  • Love the loft. Very sturdy and beautiful.
  • Amazing bed that we all love. We weren't sure how the bed would fit exactly with our 8 ft ceilings, but it looks great and functions perfectly. My daughter is able to fully sit up in the bed and enjoy the space below. The bookcase steps look great and was a better choice for us than the ladder. I personally love it so much that I am trying to convince my husband to get a king size one for our bedroom!!! I highly recommend the bed and you won't be disappointed.
  • Great bed, very sturdy. Looks cool.
  • Overall a great buy. Sturdy and *fairly* easy to assemble. Some pieces came pre-scratched and had to ask for touch-up paint. Either improve QC, better shipping packaging, or just include the touch-up paint with the shipment. Assembly instructions need work guys. Almost an after thought. Spend the money and get new ones printed with quality photos. Not a mix mash of new and old and crossed off and stickers. Also get a youtube video of the assembly process for heaven's sake.
  • Very sturdy for my 250 lbs. college-aged son. I waa overjoyed when I saw the materials you used and the bed's weight capacity on your website. His desk and Yamaha piano fit perfectly under the bed with adequate head room when sitting, and he is 5"11'. I'm 62 and have raised 3 boys into men, and I know when a product is built well with the consumer in mind. The owner of this company should be proud. Thank you for a good product that lives up to what is advertised.
  • It took me two years to decide whether this loft was worth the expense, and finally I just went for it. Turns out, this loft is AMAZING! It was super easy to assemble (in spite of the fact that I kept thinking the steps were the bookshelf and then put it together backwards). On the plus side, it's really easy to disassemble and then put together again. It is so well made and sturdy--it doesn't wobble or shake, and we can fit two adults and our daughter up there to read stories at bedtime. The only downside (for us) is that the steps are up against the wall on one side and not all the cubbies are accessible from under the loft, because of the cross bars. Also, the steps aren't really tall enough to accommodate the height of most books, so don't plan to use it as a bookshelf. I'm really pleased with this loft--my only regret is not having done it two years ago!
  • The loft bed is beautiful and solid. It doesn’t shake or make noises when you climb up and move around on the bed. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design as it was easy to assemble and only required one tool. My daughter loves her new bed.The only reason I did not give it 5 stars because one of the posts was damaged on top when it was received. The paint was chipped and you could see the metal. It would have been to much effort to send it back and request a new one. Overall a solid and well made bed.