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Folly Pier (Source: Pixabay)

Though Joyce and her husband Rad’s roots are firmly set in Iowa, Joyce’s large extended family has been regularly vacationing in Folly Beach, South Carolina, since 1968. After nearly five decades spent traveling to Folly Island for their annual family trip, Joyce and Rad purchased their first ocean front property there in the fall of 2015.

The idea began when one of Joyce’s adult sons grew tired of the Midwestern winters and moved to Charleston, which is just a 20-minute drive from their family’s long-time vacation destination. He eventually married, started a family, and bought a house there, which inspired Joyce to buy a second home in Folly Beach. This would ensure that everyone in the family had somewhere to stay during their future visits, and it would also allow them to generate passive income the rest of the year by renting the home out to other families looking for a comfortable beach cottage lodging experience next to the Atlantic Ocean.

“Being able to see the water while you’re staying here is a night and day difference,” according to Joyce.

It didn’t take long for Joyce and Rad to find a beautiful home in exactly the location they wanted. The only issue was the size. The home was originally built in 1982 and featured just two bedrooms, which could be a tight squeeze for their ever-expanding family (They have six adult children and now 11 grandchildren, two of which are still less than a year old). Since the whole extended family makes a point of getting together every July for about two weeks, they were going to need to find a way to make this dream home fit everyone.

Initially, the family looked into building additional bedrooms, but local building codes limit the ability to expand ocean front properties. This inspired a creative solution: They would simply increase the size of one bedroom to fit not one, but two massive queen size bunk beds.

Main Bunk Pic

It didn’t take long before Joyce found Francis Lofts & Bunks while researching bunk bed options that would not only be large enough to fit her family, but also a worthwhile investment in her rental property. Having raised six children, she already had experience with bunk beds and knew that if they weren’t made well using durable materials, they would eventually start to squeak and wobble. That wasn’t going to be an option here, as these beds needed to be able to safely support adults and kids, alike, including strangers who would be renting the property.

“No other bunk beds seemed to compare to what [Francis Lofts & Bunks] could offer,” explained Joyce. The weight limits, longevity, and overall strength of the product were all unmatched by other options that she found online. “It was an easy decision to make, even with the higher price.”

Once their plan was in place, they immediately got started remodeling the bedroom, which was specifically built around the size and dimensions of our Queen Over Queen Adult Bunk Beds. In the years since this project was completed, the Adult Bunk Beds have proven to be a perfect addition to the home, allowing multiple generations of Joyce’s family to gather under the same roof, while ensuring that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep at the end of a long day lounging on the beach. The beds have also helped the home become a practical and attractive option for groups looking to stay on the ocean during their trips to Folly Island.


“We always knew we wanted to share the experience of this beautiful location with other families,” said Joyce. Having spent so much time vacationing at Folly Beach and creating lasting memories, Joyce is particularly well-equipped to curate an enjoyable and satisfying experience for future visitors. And to do this, she’s pulled out all the stops, including bringing in a Keurig coffee machine and even a waffle maker.

“Whether it is children building forts with blankets or adults who prefer to have their own large beds, the bunks regularly generate rave reviews in our guest book,” said Joyce. “One Christmas, a local family of six rented our home so each of their four college-age kids would have their own bed, while still getting to enjoy the fun of staying close together during the holiday break. They even brought in a live tree and decorated it with sea shells. This is just one of many great memories that we have of our guests finding creative ways to use our bunk bed room.”

Because they still primarily live in the Midwest, Joyce and Rad work with a property manager from the real estate company that helped them buy the home. This person lives near their Folly Beach home and handles the marketing and booking of the property, in addition to assisting guests should any issues arise.

For those interested in visiting Folly Beach and/or trying out an Adult Bunk Bed for yourself, Joyce and Rad’s vacation home is now available to rent for 2020 and beyond. Click here to view the listing and book a stay at this beautiful beach front cottage.

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