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Hilton Head Lighthouse (Source: Pixabay)

Across the water from the eastern border of South Carolina sits Hilton Head, a small barrier island and resort community. A combination of beautiful oceanside beaches, family-friendly activities, and a rich local history have made Hilton Head a wildly popular vacation destination, sometimes holding up to 150,000 people during peak travel season.

Many travelers fall in love with the island during their first visit and end up returning many times over, and Heidi and her family were no exception. In fact, they loved Hilton Head so much that they eventually decided it was worth the investment to purchase a second vacation home there to have someplace of their own to stay on future trips, especially since the family was growing rapidly and finding suitable accommodations for everyone could quickly turn into an expensive investment in time and money.

Because they’re only occupied for a few weeks a year, vacation homes usually aren’t as big as a family’s primary residence. The larger the home, the more upkeep it will require, which isn’t always easy when you live states away. And besides, visitors (hopefully) won’t be spending too much time inside during the day while they’re on vacation, so really the only time this lack of space becomes an issue is when it’s time for everyone to go to sleep.

Heidi’s family purchased their home in June of 2013, and after spending a couple of summers on the island, it became clear that they needed a more comfortable way to sleep everyone in a limited amount of space. Heidi has three adult daughters — all of whom are married — as well as seven rapidly growing grandchildren, so as you can imagine, the house fills up quickly.

Then one day, Heidi had a game-changing idea. She would put a bunk bed in one of the bedrooms that was able to support kids and adults. This would greatly improve how they were using the space in their vacation home and give everyone a place to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

“I needed a good, safe, sturdy bed for my children and grandchildren to use,” explains Heidi.

In the fall of 2014, Heidi found Francis Lofts & Bunks and our aluminum queen over queen adult bunk beds. Not wanting to waste any more time (or space), she immediately ordered a white bunk bed that would match the bedroom where it would live. It arrived about a month later, and when Heidi’s family needed additional assistance assembling the bed, our team provided support over the phone, ensuring that everything was put together safely and securely.


Now, in a room decorated to match the scenic island getaway that they call their second home, the bunk bed has helped to transform a small space into something special that everyone looks forward to when it’s time to visit.

“We all like getting together at the vacation home, and this bed made a room that could accommodate four adults or children,” said Heidi. “In fact, the adults and kids debate over who gets to use the bunk room.”

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