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Anthony 1

Meet Anthony - the User Experience Designer from Chicago that has an eye for living big in a small space. Anthony has created a truly splendid living environment in a tiny amount of square footage. His studio apartment in Wicker Park, the heart of art and culture in Chicago, exudes both functional and aesthetic creativity.

With a 13’ ceiling, Anthony decided to take his mattress to the sky, using the space below as a lounge for watching TV and hanging with friends. We customized the loft bed by making the clearance extra high - 6 feet to be exact - which is enough for Anthony to comfortably walk underneath and it just really opens up the space since his ceilings are so tall.

Anthony Room

Anthony crafted the beautiful draft table in the picture above, which by the way couples as a dining room table when you flip it over. This is just one of the many examples of multi-purpose objects in Anthony’s home. For instance, since the ladder is movable, Anthony uses the ladder to get up to hard to reach places around his apartment.

When we visited Anthony’s home this past week, his mom happened to be in town. She said she couldn’t believe how solid the loft bed was and that she was amazed it doesn’t move at all when Anthony climbs up there. Anthony had initially looked into an Ikea loft bed, but felt it just wasn’t substantial enough. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our customers’ moms are not only satisfied but in fact amazed at the rigidity and ultimately safety of the loft bed.

Anthony - thanks for letting us check out your amazing studio apartment and for sharing your creative ideas with us.

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