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August 08, 2019 | By Michael Garrity

The Benefits of Adult Bunk Beds for Hotels

In recent years, bunk beds have become an increasingly popular amenity across all types of inns and hotels, from boutique bed and breakfasts to luxury lodging establishments to chain hotel brands. If you’re curious about how a bunk bed may be beneficial for your hotel, you’ve come to the right place.

When selecting a bunk bed meant to sleep possibly hundreds of guests over the course of just one year, it’s important to get a bed that is going to be strong and dependable enough to safely support a diverse array of people and stand up to the general wear-and-tear all hotel beds endure. With that said, here are 7 reasons why our heavy duty Adult Bunk Beds would be a great addition to your hotel.

Accommodate More Guests

Bunk beds are successfully disrupting traditional hotel designs by giving hoteliers an efficient way to conserve space without diminishing the number of people who can stay in a single room. Our adult bunk beds take that a step further with larger bed options — including queen and king sizes — that provide a spacious and comfortable night of sleep for multiple adults and traveling couples without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Keep Groups Together (and Happy)

Not only will adult bunk beds make your rooms more efficient, they will also make them more attractive to guests, specifically families and groups that want to stay together. Bunk beds are especially useful for hotels in destination locations, often utilized by bachelorette parties or groups traveling to events like weddings or music festivals that are looking for a place that won’t get too cramped. This also allows guests to pool their monetary resources, making the trip more affordable and leaving them more satisfied in the end.

Get More Out of Your Space

An efficiently designed hotel room is a good thing for both you and your guests. Adult bunk beds give each guest their own comfortable space to sleep, but don’t take up nearly as much room as putting two queen beds side-by-side. Consider this for smaller rooms that aren’t being utilized to their full potential, because while adult bunk beds may make your hotel room affordable for the individual guests, the added sleep space lets you charge a little more to increase its profitability.

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Design Versatility

The space saved with an adult bunk bed gives you and your designers a chance to get creative with how you lay out and decorate your hotel rooms. By simply removing a second queen bed from a smaller room, you can suddenly incorporate a cozy living space/sitting area that makes the room somewhere people can enjoy hanging out. More design opportunities also means you can add the small touches and flourishes that give your hotel its unique character.

Safely Sleep All Adults

Our adult bunk beds are built from high quality American aluminum and utilize our proprietary design to ensure total stability and safety for all your guests. The strong material and wide bed posts allow them to hold and disperse enough weight to support up to 2,000 LBS, more than enough for two adults to share. Simply put, these beds are capable of accommodating a wide variety of people, so you can rest easy knowing your guests aren’t going anywhere but to sleep.

“We feel at ease knowing our guests will be comfortable and secure on these bunks regardless of their size.” - Andrea D. (Francis Lofts & Bunks customer)

A Unique Sleep Experience

Although bunk beds are becoming more common in hotels, they’re still very much a novelty for many people, and so this unique approach to sleep accommodations allows you to market these rooms as special spaces that can give your guests something fun and outside the box to experience and talk about long after their trips are over. As we all know, this kind of word-of-mouth support is invaluable. Luckily for you, the impressive construction of our handcrafted metal bed frames will leave your guests with dropped jaws and positive memories.

“This bed lived up to its descriptions and promises. We’ve already had guests asking for the name of the company.” - Jessica W. (Francis Lofts & Bunks customer)

Compete with Short-Term Rentals

With the success of short-term rental services like Airbnb, hotels now have to innovate and find new ways to bring in guests. Your hotel is just one of many lodging options competing for a customer’s attention. Adult bunk beds can make your rooms more affordable, more accommodating, and more interesting than comparable hotel and rental options. And that’s on top of the basic amenities and conveniences that most hotels already offer and that can’t be matched by short-term rentals.

Bunk beds transform hotel rooms into efficient and versatile spaces that can accommodate multiple guests without forcing anyone to feel cramped or uncomfortable, and when it comes to providing a safe and unforgettable sleep experience, look no further than the Adult Bunk Bed from Francis Lofts & Bunks.