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Raising three kids (including a set of twins) is never easy, but when they’re growing fast and you’re short on space, everything in your life starts to feel a little crowded.

For Heather - who runs the popular parenting blog US Japan Fam - this specific situation was quickly becoming a very real problem. All three of her children were sharing a relatively small room in their New York home, and with the added pressures of a global pandemic and national lockdown, the limitations of this arrangement were coming through loud and clear.

Heather’s goal was to create a sleeping arrangement that would maximize the space in the kids’ room, while still giving each of her little ones their own unique sleeping space. Her search led her here, to Francis Lofts & Bunks and our high quality, heavy duty, and aesthetically pleasing loft and bunk beds. Her solution was to outfit the room with a Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed and a Twin Loft Bed, giving them three sleeping platforms for three kids.

US Japan Fam Bunk Frame

Below, you can view the the first part of her video makeover series, which focuses on assembling and arranging the loft and bunk beds in the room.

After waiting a few weeks for the mattresses to arrive (and then a few more days for them to fully expand after shipping), Heather was finally able to the complete her vision for the room. The end result is a carefully curated chic and clean gender neutral design with plenty of storage to maximize space and emphasize comfort. See how it all turned out in the video below.

To continue to follow the adventures and growth of Heather and her family, check out her blog over at

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