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March 03, 2019 | By Michael Garrity

Preparing the Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Vacation Rental

Chicago, New York City, Savannah, Boston — These cities may not be known for their rolling emerald hills, but they’re still the most popular destinations in the United States for those looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a big way.

Chicago River - St Patrick's day (Photo via Unsplash)

Over the course of the holiday weekend, these cities will be busy with out of town visitors coming to partake in the festivities. Visitors who will be looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay, as well as an authentic experience in their chosen destination. For people using their properties to provide vacation rentals to travelers, the celebration of St. Patrick is a can’t miss opportunity.

Here are a few ideas to help you optimize your pad to provide the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day experience to your visitors and set yourself up for a coveted five-star review.

Break Down the Big Activities

If your vacation rental is located in a hot St. Patrick’s Day destination location, you probably know what kind of thrilling, green-tinted adventures your guests have come to town to enjoy. For example, in Chicago, many people want to head downtown to watch the Chicago River dyed green for the holiday or attend one of the many parades going on throughout the city. Make the trip a little easier for your guests by providing them with a breakdown of all of the weekend’s biggest events, along with directions on the best ways to get to them from your rental. If you have something like Lyft or Uber discount codes, you could also leave them that information, as well.

Localized Suggestions

Use your knowledge of the city and go above and beyond for your guests with lists of local restaurants, bars, or attractions that could enhance their visit. That little Irish dive bar in the neighborhood that only locals know about? Let your guests in on the secret, so maybe they can enjoy an authentic local experience. Tell them about the best food and where the coolest shops are and give them something special and unique to remember about their trip (and to tell their friends about when they get home).

Plenty of Water

Look, it’s no secret that most people are coming to your town on St. Patrick’s Day weekend to indulge in celebration and revelry. Be a gracious host and think ahead by providing them with a robust selection of bottled, boxed, or filtered water, so they can stay hydrated without having to think about it. Really take it to the next level by leaving a bottle of aspirin and some coffee to make the morning after the big party less of a headache. They’ll thank you for it.

Somewhere to Sleep It Off

The last thing someone wants to do after a long day and/or night of partying is climb into a cramped, uncomfortable bed. If your rental is located in a major city, chances are you’re maybe a little short on space. That may be fine if you’re only hosting one or two people at a time, but on big weekend getaways, many adults will travel together in groups. Consider an adult bunk bed (or even a triple bunk bed) as a way to comfortably fit more people without taking up the entire room. With queen and king size options, you can easily and comfortably fit more adults into a relatively small space, making your rental more attractive to groups of people looking to come visit your city for the big weekend. Especially if they’re on a budget.

Cleaning Supplies

Of course, you’ll clean your rental to prepare for their visit, but for both yourself and your guests, it’s a good idea to leave cleaning and important maintenance supplies (like a plunger) readily available during their stay. This should definitely include extra garbage bags and access to recycling containers. Chances are the party will probably start a bit before they leave your rental to explore the city, which can get a bit messy, and no one knows where the celebration will take them. Make sure the expectations for how the rental should look when the guests leave are clearly spelled out, and then provide them with the resources they need to make it happen. If they’re staying in a place that is free of clutter and mess, it will only improve their overall experience and leave both parties happy when they leave.

Along with standard procedures — such as leaving your contact information for the guests should they need to get in touch with you — these are just a few small ways that you can increase the value of your rental for excited St. Patrick’s Day visitors and provide them with great memories (the parts that they’re able to remember, at least).