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February 02, 2020 | By Michael Garrity

How to Make Money Renting Bunk Beds

In certain expensive and congested parts of the United States, where space is a premium, industrious folks have found a clever way to make the most of what little room they have to add a boost to their incomes (or at least off-set the cost of rent). Their solution? Bunk beds.

Renting a Bunk in Your Apartment

We talk a lot about the space-saving convenience of our Adult Loft Beds, massive and powerful elevated bed frames that open up a significant amount of floor space in a tiny bedroom or multi-use studio apartment, allowing people to get more use out of their space and still enjoy the comfortable sleep experience provided by an adult-sized bed.

However, for people who are on a tight budget, don’t necessarily need the extra space, or maybe just don’t want to live alone, an Adult Bunk Bed could present an opportunity to make some extra money by making effective and profitable use of the vertical space in your one bedroom or studio apartment. All you would do is simply rent out the extra bunk that you’re not using. The bunk bed will add an extra place for someone to sleep without using any additional room on the floor, so you could charge someone just a small fraction of what they would pay for even a cheap apartment.

Though this obviously requires investing in a heavy duty bunk bed up front — one that can safely accommodate all adults without degrading from general wear and tear — the initial year of income made from renting the bunk could easily cover half (or more) of the cost of the bed. If you consider that you’re also buying a sturdy and stylish bed for yourself, you really only need to make up half the cost of a bunk bed to justify the added expense. From there, all of the additional income you receive from your bunkmate will go toward lowering the cost of your own monthly rent payments.

Of course, this option would not be an ideal solution for everyone, but if you’re someone who doesn’t mind sharing your space, it’s definitely something to consider, especially if you live in a popular location and want to use it as a short-term accommodation for friends or family. Even if you don’t get a bunk bed to bring a permanent roommate into your apartment, you would always have the option to essentially sublet the space to people who may only need it for a few weeks or months at a time, allowing you to make some extra money for a simple one-time up front investment that won’t take long to pay itself off.

Guys Talking Bottom Bunk

Building a Bunk Bed-Based Business

In an age where people’s work lives are increasingly isolated, young adults seem to be craving new and practical ways to find a community and engage with their peers. When this is coupled with skyrocketing rent prices in popular urban locales that only get you a very small amount of space, you get frustrated and bored young professionals seeking out creative living arrangements that allow them to feel independent, form connections with other people, and most importantly, have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep every night.

Enter some clever modern entrepreneurs who have basically turned the idea of hosteling into a fresh business venture by outfitting large rooms with a bunch of sturdy bunk beds and then charging people rent to stay in a bunk. In the most popular of these “co-living spaces,” residents are given access to their very own bunk, as well as a private locker and wifi connection. These buildings are also decked out with communal lounge areas and kitchens, which fosters a healthy amount of social engagement and activities for those so inclined.

This sort of arrangement is far less stifling and rigid than a traditional rental experience, which often has people signing lease agreements for a year or more. Though maybe not an ideal long-term solution, this option can be a perfect middle ground for people in a transitional situation (e.g., those who have just moved to a new city or who aren’t planning on staying for long) who don’t want to spend all of their money on a small cramped apartment. Even if the idea of sleeping on a bunk in a room full of people you don’t know may sound uncomfortable to some, the large campuses and extra spaces to hang out with a diverse assortment of other residents can actually be less constricting for some people than the traditional method of sharing an apartment (and life) with just one other person.

Adult Bunk Beds Provide the Quality You Need

If you’re going to charge someone to sleep on a bunk bed that you own, you owe it to them (and yourself) not to skimp on quality. Our heavy duty Adult Bunk Beds were designed with withstand the rigorous requirements of adult life, and in the past, they’ve made a great addition to hostels, resorts, vacation rentals, and a number of other professional lodging establishments that regularly host a diverse array of people on a regular basis.

Thanks to the high quality aluminum material that we use and our innovative structural design, these bunk beds are actually capable of holding up to 2,000 LBS per sleeping platform, more than enough to safely accommodate any adult, or even two people if the situation calls for it. With size options from Twin all the way up to the California King, you’ll have no trouble finding a bed that will provide anyone with a comfortable sleep experience. And on top of all that, these beds feature a stylish modern appearance that will help your space retain a level of sophistication and maturity.

As if that weren’t enough, we also offer a wide range of matching accessories that can extend the bed’s functionality and storage capabilities. For the purposes of renting a bunk, specifically, you can add a curtain (with your choice of fabric) that will attach to a strong stainless steel cable and cover one long and one short end of the bottom bunk.

Two Roommates Bunk

Turn a Bed into an Investment

Not only could you use an Adult Bunk Bed as an opportunity to start a little side hustle or build a new business empire, you can also do all this while also providing safe and affordable living options for people who may not have the time, ability, or inclination to saddle themselves with a long-term lease. At the end of the day, it’s a creative and economically savvy way to maximize your space to the benefit of multiple parties.

If you’re interested in pricing out multiple Adult Bunk Beds for a bulk purchase, please be sure to contact us first to discuss discount options and pricing.