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May 05, 2019 | By Michael Garrity

How Adult Roommates Share Space with Loft and Bunk Beds

Moving season is upon us. In many US cities, the start of summer is unofficially signaled by the increased number of U-Hauls on the road as people begin to start new chapters of their lives (and new leases).

It’s no secret that the number of “working age” American adults who share their homes with non-family or romantic partners has been increasing over the last decade. A lot of this is related to the migration of young adults to cities and urban centers, where space is at a premium and the cost of living is high, leading many people to seek out one (or more) roommates to help save money.

In many cases, finding an affordable (and livable) apartment in a good neighborhood that meets the needs of all your roommates is a next-to-impossible task, but any household arrangement can be improved with the right combination of imagination and practicality. Sharing space always requires some degree of compromise from all parties, but utilizing an adult loft or bunk bed can go a long way toward transforming a small apartment into a comfortable living situation for everyone.

Make Your Own Space with an Adult Loft Bed

Even if you love the people you live with, it doesn’t mean you want to be in constant contact with them. Sometimes you feel social, and sometimes you just need to hide away for a few hours. When you live with roommates, finding alone time isn’t always easy, and if the size of your individual bedroom leaves something to be desired, it can feel like an unenviable choice between unwanted interaction or claustrophobia. And even if this isn’t an issue for you, it can still be nice to carve out a place in the apartment that is just for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

You can increase the amount of living space in your bedroom by elevating your sleep with an adult loft bed. With size options all the way up to King, you can enjoy the same amount of room to lie down on, while keeping the area beneath the bed free to put the rest of your stuff or create a cozy nook to hang out in.

For a real-life example of someone who used an adult loft bed to transform their small bedroom into a usable personal space, check out this blog post.

Silver Loft (woman below)

Sleep Two for the Price of One with an Adult Bunk Bed

I live in Chicago, so you don’t really have to tell me about the high cost of rent in big cities. If you’re turning to a roommate as a way to share that burden, there’s a good chance you may also find yourself looking at apartments that leave something to be desired in terms of space. Studio and one bedroom units are obviously cheaper and easier to come by, and even with a two bedroom apartment, sometimes your hobbies or work can become cramped when you’re shoving adult-sized beds into every bedroom.

An adult bunk bed lets you can fit two people in the amount of floor space required for a single bed. The 2,000 lb weight capacity, means anyone — including couples — can sleep comfortably and safely, so you’re not sacrificing quality slumber in the name of saving space.

Women Standing Next to Bunk Bed

Get Creative

Make a one bedroom apartment work for two people with a bunk bed, or make your own studio apartment within a larger unit with a loft bed. No matter how you choose to use them, these beds let you to make room for your life, so you can reside where you want without breaking the bank or forcing anyone in the household to sacrifice personal space or comfort.

The beauty of our beds is that they’re built to meet the needs of you and your space. The subtle design blends in with any décor, and the beds themselves can but customized with a variety of accessories, colors, and sizes so that they fit right into your home and life.