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May 05, 2020 | By Michael Garrity

8 Tricks for Changing Sheets on a Loft or Bunk Bed

Making the bed is a simple way to establish a daily routine and keep your space tidy and comfortable. We know this is very important for many people, because one of the most common questions we receive from curious shoppers is how easy it is to change sheets on one of our loft or bunk beds.

Like bedding, there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer to that specific question. The size of your bed, it’s placement in your room, and your own physical capabilities all factor in to how much effort it takes to change the sheets. But no matter what your situation may be, you can use one or more of these useful tricks to make it easier to make the bed.

Tucked in Sheet

Get Some Help

The first thing we would recommend when you’re changing the sheets on your loft or bunk bed is to ask for help whenever possible. This may not always be an option, but when it is, it can go a long way toward making the whole process quicker and more efficient. Don’t despair if you’re tackling this chore alone, though; there are still plenty of ways to successfully dress your mattress by yourself.

Use a Step Stool

It’s amazing what a few extra inches can do for your dexterity when it comes to changing sheets on a loft or bunk bed. A step stool or small ladder is a great way to overcome the most common obstacle most people encounter, which is reaching the farthest edges of the bed without having to be on the mattress you’re dressing. If you’re changing the sheets on a bunk bed, the bottom bunk can also be used to elevate you while you’re changing the sheets on the top bunk.

Lift the Mattress

Another easy way to give yourself a small, but significant, assist is by slightly lifting the mattress off the slats and resting half of it on the guard rail(s). This makes it much easier to reach all four corners from almost any position. If you’re up to it, you can even rotate the mattress 180 degrees, so that the opposite (undressed) side is perched on the rails. This allows you to easily secure the sheet on both sides of the mattress before setting it back into place.

Move the Bed Frame

If your space allows it, you can really simplify the bed making process by pulling the bed frame away from the wall so that you can access more (if not all four) sides of the mattress. This will obviously make it easier to attach a fitted sheet on every corner and tightly tuck the ends of the comforter.

Try Sheet Straps

Changing sheets on any type of bed can be a frustrating experience, but it’s extra annoying when you go through all that work only to have your sheets slip off in the middle of the night so that you have to re-secure them on a fully dressed mattress. To optimize your loft or bunk bed experience, we recommend investing in sheet straps. Clipping these straps onto the fitted sheet while you’re changing sheets will keep everything locked in tight until the next time you need to remove them. Making the bed each day will be a much quicker process when your bottom layer sheet is always firmly in place.

Only Tuck One Side

If moving the mattress or bed frame isn’t an option, or just not something you want to do every time you make your bed, consider this clever alternative. Adjust your comforter so that it’s lined up with the side of the mattress that isn’t visible off the bed (i.e., the side that is against the wall), and then tuck all of the extra comforter fabric under the mattress on the visible side and foot of the bed. This gives the same illusion of tidiness to any visitors you may have (and yourself), but when someone climbs into bed, all they have to do is lift the untucked corner of the comforter and slide under for a cozy night’s sleep. Also use this trick for the flat sheet, or…

Lose the Flat Sheet

If the flat sheet isn’t an essential part of the sleep experience for you, you can cut down on frustration by just eliminating it from your bed making repertoire altogether.

Specialty Sheets

For those willing to try something less traditional, there are a number of creative products out there that are designed to take the hassle out of changing sheets, which can be especially useful when you’re dealing with a loft or bunk bed.


Beddy’s are an all-in-one bedding product that combine your sheets, comforter, and pillow case in a single piece that zips together like a sleeping bag. They come in a wide range of styles with various accessory options and even bundled packages, so you can get everything you need in a single purchase. Their website also provides helpful information, including how to wash them.


This company specializes in “hassle-free” bedding, most notably their Zip Sheets, which replace the classic fitted sheet with a two piece product that wraps tightly around the outer edge of your mattress and then zips on top so it won’t pop off and is easy to remove, change, and fold. Also available in various styles and bundle options.