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Opinions about living in an on-campus dormitory are often split amongst both current and former college students. After all, sharing an especially small space with what amounts to a total stranger can certainly be a trying right of passage for many young people. Some love it, and some can’t wait until they can move out and get their own apartments with their preferred roommates. However, a little creativity can go a long way toward making the experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Dorm Exterior (Photo via Unsplash)

In many instances, bunk beds are an ingrained part of the college dorm experience, and our heavy duty Adult Bunk Beds are a perfect addition to any dorm room. Constructed from high quality aluminum, these massive metal beds are capable of holding up to 2,000 LBS per bunk, more than enough to support any individual or even two people with complete safety. The aluminum material is highly reinforced and durable, so unlike wooden bunk beds, the foundation of the bed won’t degrade over time with regular wear and tear.

In addition to these super sturdy beds, we also offer add-on solutions to help you outfit a dorm room (or rooms) with space-saving furniture that is strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of campus life. Here are just a few ways that you can utilize our innovative custom built beds to transform a dorm room into a cozy home away from home.

Maximize Floor Space

Even in a tiny room of 130 square feet (the average size of a college dorm room), an extra long twin size bunk bed can provide sufficient sleeping space for two people, while only taking up the floor space of a single bed. This gives students space to add extra furniture and store their belongings, making the room more practical, but also more comfortable and homey for the people living in it.

Elevate Both Beds

Or you can forgo stacked sleeping arrangements altogether. Depending on the layout of the dorm room you’re furnishing, adding two of our Adult Loft Beds instead of a single bunk bed would provide safe and comfortable sleeping accommodations for both roommates, while also giving each person a cozy nook beneath their beds that they can set up and decorate in their own unique style. Order an attached desk accessory with the loft beds to create built-in workspaces.

Set Up Under Loft

Trundles for Guests

A trundle underneath a bunk bed makes it easy for students to host friends or family who want to come for weekend visits and experience your campus culture. Students will appreciate the ability to spend time with their loved ones in their personal spaces.

Open Trundle

Incorporate Cork Boards

Install cork boards on the walls next to each bunk (or under each loft bed), so that students can display photographs, posters, or calendars. This gives each individual a set space in the dorm room where they can express themselves and hang up decorative items that are meaningful or useful to them. This makes a space feel more intimate and personal for a long-term living arrangement. Magnetic boards, white boards (with magnets), and pegboards are all viable alternative to traditional cork boards, as well.

Cork Board from Pottery Barn (Photo via Pottery Barn Teen)

Utilize Headboards for Added Comfort

College students spend a lot of time in their rooms, and most of that time is likely going to be spent in bed. Our upholstered headboards will allow your students to sit up in bed and relax while they read or work on homework (or watch TV), making their time spent in their room more comfortable. If the layout of a dorm room won’t allow you to place a bunk bed or loft beds against a wall to support the headboard(s), you can also add a headboard support system to your order.

Accessories Page > Upholstered Headboard (Bottom Bunk)

Increase Convenience

Attaching a tray accessory to the top bunk of a bunk bed or loft bed gives students a very convenient place to set their phone, books, laptop, or drinks while they’re in bed, totally eliminating the need to get on and off the bed to retrieve things and allowing them to focus on their work instead. The bookshelf can also serve this purpose and offers even more space to store commonly used items and add a personal decorative touch to one’s sleeping space. Bookshelf accessories are also available for bottom and middle bunks.

Two Men - Tray Side

Curtains Create Privacy

Keep the peace and provide students with a little haven where they can take some “me time” by adding curtains that will cover the bottom bunk or the area beneath a loft bed. Our curtain accessories will come with the fabric of your choice, pre-cut to cover one long end and one shot of of the bed frame, and a strong stainless steel cable to hold it up.

Accessories Page > Curtain

Improve Top Bunk Accessibility

Make it easier for students using the top bunk or a loft bed to get in and out of bed by adding stairs, either in addition to or instead of a standard ladder option. Stairs are easier to climb than a ladder and often safer, especially with a handrail. Some bunk beds come with built-in staircases, but you can add a freestanding staircase accessory to our Adult Bunk Beds, which also features open cubbies that can be accessed from two sides for additional storage and decoration.

Staircase Isolated View

Interested in purchasing multiple beds for a dormitory? Contact us first to discuss bulk discount options and pricing. Click here to view all of our available accessories.

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