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May 05, 2018 | By Ryan Francis

7 Hacks for Small Space Bedroom Design

When it comes to designing and decorating a small space, strategic styling is key to making the most out of your cramped quarters. With the help of space-savvy furniture, creative organization and a bit of design inspiration, you can turn your small bedroom space into a roomy oasis.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves grande

Image via Style Me Pretty

When your only available space is vertical and not horizontal, you need to get creative with your storage space. This is where wall-mounted floating shelves can really come in handy. Store anything from shoes, to knick-knacks, to office supplies and anything in between on them to save on some much needed floor space. Just make sure to keep things neat as to not over-clutter the room. You can also get creative and use a floating shelf as a desk or workspace. A small shelf attached to the wall is the perfect length to fit a laptop and some office supplies. If you’re really tight on space, you can even opt for a fold up or down one, and you can only use it as needed.

Mount Your Lighting

Mounted Lighting grande

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Rather than take up space on your nightstand or floor for a lamp, mount your lighting on the wall instead. Sconces take up a lot less space and make bedside tables or nightstands optional.

Play with Colors

When you don’t have room for large-scale furnishings, you can still add some pizzazz to your room with colors and texture. For a playful room consider bold throw pillows, colorful art and layered textiles. For a cozy, relaxing room think dark walls and a velvet headboard to create a more subdued vibe. For a modern room, think lots of white and light accessories to open up the space.

Consider a Loft or Bunk Bed

Women Sitting Under Silver Loft

It’s no secret that your bed is most likely the biggest piece of furniture in your room and finagling additional items around it in a small space can be tough. This is where loft or bunk beds can really help to maximize your space. Loft Beds like this Francis Loft & Bunks one not only open up a ton of free space under the bed, but they also are designed for adults, so you can utilize them in your home or guest home without worrying about any weight limits or accessibility issues. Once you’ve opened up the space underneath, you’re free to use as a closest space, relaxation nook or storage area. If you’re looking to sleep more than one bed, you can also opt for bunk beds, like these ones. These stylish, modern beds are the perfect way to maximize space in a small room without sacrificing comfort.

Don’t Forget About Under-the-Bed Storage

When you’re lacking closet space or don’t have enough room for a dresser, consider adding storage underneath your bed. A sliding wire drawer, a few sturdy wooden drawers, or a handful of milk crates are great options to store clothes, shoes, bed dressings and more.

Opt for Nesting Tables Instead of Nightstands

Nesting Tables grande

Image via Emily Henderson

Traditional nightstands, while undoubtedly necessary for your bedroom, take up a lot of valuable space —especially when you have one on each side of the bed. Instead of sacrificing the unused space underneath these tables, opt for nesting tables instead. These smart, space-saving additions will instantly create more storage without you having to bring in additional accessories to do the same job.

Add Large Mirrors

One design trick many interior decorators swear by is opening up the room with mirrors. Big mirrors are key for small spaces as they visually open up a small bedroom and make it feel larger and brighter. Attach one to the back of a door or to an empty wall to create an airier feel to your room without taking up any valuable floor space. You can also position your mirror to reflect the light of a window, which ups the natural light in your space.

Put Storage at the Foot of the Bed

Foot of the Bed Storage grande

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The key to designing in a small space is seeing every bit of open space as real estate to store things. This same principle applies to the foot of your bed. By placing a trunk, storage bench or crates at the foot of your bed, you’ll not only be adding aesthetically to the room, but you’ll also be opening up more space to squeeze in any additional things you may need. Typically this kind of storage only takes up about a foot of space, so you’ll hardly be sacrificing much room.