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March 03, 2018 | By Ryan Francis

7 Clever Tips for Small Space Living

A small living space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make do with less—it simply means that you have to be strategic about organizing and maximizing the space that you do have. By implementing a few clever space-saving hacks into your home, you’ll be able to make the most of your small space.

Opt for a Foldout Dining Table

Small Space 1

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If you have a cramped living space, the last thing you have room for is a dining room table. This is where space-saving furniture really comes in handy. There are tons of options for dining room tables that attach to a wall and fold out, retract into themselves to save space, or collapse and fold up altogether. By opting for one of these instead of your typical dining room table, you’ll be able to open up your space that much more.

Consider a Vertical Desk Shelf


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In most small apartments the only available space is vertical space. This is when you have to get creative with your design and build up instead of out. If you’re puzzled over how exactly to fit a desk/workspace into your small apartment, one option to consider is a vertical shelf desk. By mounting a small desk or piece of wood to the wall and accessorizing with a few wooden shelves with a bracket, you’re able to create a small, space-conscious working space for you and your guests.

Create a Stovetop Counter

Stovetop Counter

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One of the main drawbacks to a small kitchen is the lack of available counter space. Once you’ve put all your appliances out on the counter, there oftentimes is very little room for you to prepare a meal. One creative hack to get around this is by using your stovetop as a makeshift counter space. Find a piece of wood, glass or marble that is easy enough to move around, yet sturdy enough that it won’t shift in place. Make sure the sizing fits perfectly to your stovetop range, and then use the space as a cutting board or for food prep. This will not only save room in your kitchen, but it will also make it a lot more convenient to cook in.

Use a Loft Bed

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It’s no secret that your bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home, which means it also takes up a lot of crucial space in a small environment. One way to increase your space without sacrificing comfort or downgrading to a small bed is with a loft bed. Loft beds provide the ultimate in versatility for personalizing the additional space under your loft. Whether you need that space for a closet, for a chest of drawers or a clothing rack, a reading nook, a seating area, a work space with a desk, or for extra storage, you’ll be gaining a ton of much needed space to personalize what best fits your room needs. If you’re looking for a durable, safe and practical loft bed, shop our customizable beds here.

Choose Lucite Pieces

Lucite Shelf

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In a small space clunky furniture can make the room look cluttered and overwhelming. One way to offset this is by opting for Lucite storage and furniture instead of a your typical wooden ones. Lucite pieces take up no visual space, so they will give the allusion of a more open environment while maintaining their functionality. Opt for Lucite shelving to hold a few key decorative items, lucite storage to hold desk item or even lucite furniture to add a bit of modern flair to your small space. These pieces will keep things light and airy without weighing down the space.

Consider Wall Mounted Lighting


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Great lighting can brighten up any room, but if you want to save space they aren’t always the most space friendly option. Lamps take up much-needed table and floor space; so instead opt for a stylish wall mounted light. These lights have grown in popularity over the last few years, so there are a ton of design options out there to fit in with your room.

Double-Duty Finds


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As most design experts will tell you, multi-purpose furniture is your best option for a small space. A classic hideaway storage solution, like a hollow ottoman, does double duty and allows you to put away anything from blankets to remotes, and anything in between. You can even find small storage solutions like a clock that opens up to store small items. After all, in a small room every little space counts!