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August 08, 2018 | By Ryan Francis

The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing a Small Space with Your Significant Other

Moving in with your significant other is equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. Oftentimes these uneasy feelings only intensify when you’re living in a small space. Balancing two wardrobes as well as all of your belongings in cramped quarters is enough to test anyone’s patience, but with a few tips and a whole lot of organizing your 400 square foot home will seem like the perfect size for two.

Move In Couple (Image via Bustle/SolisImages/Fotolia)

Do Stay Organized

It’s no secret that organization is key to living a clutter-free life, but this is especially important when you’re living together as a couple. There isn’t enough room to have your belongings strewn about, as it will just create visual chaos. Make sure that when you move in, you give everything a designated spot and make a pact to stick to putting it pack there.

Do Choose Your Apartment Vibe Together

Whether you’re moving into a brand new space or you’re moving in with to your significant other’s apartment or vice versa, you’re going to want to start from scratch with the design aesthetic. While you may live for bold, paunchy prints, your S.O. might be more of a neutrals person. Instead of just merging your things together, talk about how you want your apartment to look and what major purchases you want to make together. Having a cohesive idea of what you want your place to look like and coming to agreement on it will make things that much easier and will get rid of any tensions from the start.

Do Utilize Storage Space in Any Way You Can

In small spaces, every inch counts and that extend to storage, too. When you’re on the hunt for furniture, look for items that are multipurpose— like a coffee table with a built-in cabinet or an ottoman that can hold your blankets and remotes. You’ll also want to consider utilizing vertical space for storage and opting for things like floating shelves. Not only will this save space, but it will also keep the clutter to a minimum.

Do Consider a Loft Bed

When it comes to a small apartment, nothing saves space quite like a loft bed. It can be a small apartment’s saving grace and is especially great if you’re looking to open up some floor space for your significant other to move in. Our loft beds come in a Full, Queen or King size, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your comfort. The only thing left to decide on is how best to utilize the space underneath (second-wardrobe or lounge area…the sky’s the limit)!

Don’t Hold On to Unnecessary Things

While staying organized is crucial, it’s also just as important to get rid of unnecessary items. Before you move in together, sit down and purge all of the items you don’t actually need. Since closet space will probably be tight, throw away those old t-shirts and jeans that you haven’t worn in years. You’ll also want to consider what you’re both planning to bring in to the apartment. You’re not going to need two toasters, so purge the older model to keep things to a minimum.

Do Make Space for Each Other

The key to successfully cohabitating is understanding and accommodating the other person. Make sure you’re giving each other equal space and that your belongings or your significant others’ aren’t threatening to take up all of the available space. If having a writing nook is important to you, and your S.O. wants an area to play music, make sure you both have room to do that.

Do Create New Habits Together

We all have our everyday habits that we’re in the cycle of continuing, but make the conscious effort to forge new customs together. Whether it’s greeting the other at the door when they come in or having Sunday take-out together, making the effort to spend time together will help keep your relationship alive and will keep you from turning into just roommates.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The saying “pick your battles wisely” can apply to all of your relationships. No matter how “perfect” either of you is, certain habits will always irritate the other, so make a conscious effort to avoid nit-picking the little things. Talk things out if you have an issue you can’t let go of to make sure it doesn’t worsen over time.

Do Make Room For Alone Time

Everyone needs a little “me time” every once and awhile. While this kind of separate space might be hard to achieve in cramped quarters, you can figure out a way to make it work. If going in separate rooms is out of the question due to lack of space, you can always do separate activities. For example, if your significant other is watching a movie and you’d rather read a book, grab some headphones and start your page-turner. You don’t have to be doing the same thing all the time just because you live together.