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April 04, 2014 | By Ryan Francis

The Benefits of a Loft Bed

Having recently moved into a 700 sq. foot studio apartment, I decided to equip my small space with the loft you see on this website. Since I have a queen mattress, the queen loft bed design was the right fit for me.

After having a couple weeks of sleeping on the loft, I have noticed something that I didn’t predict. I find that it is very relaxing sleeping off of the ground. I think it has to do with the privacy of sleeping up high and away from everything else going on in my life. I’m going to try to find a published article related to this because I cannot be the first person to notice this benefit of sleeping elevated from the ground.

Since my apartment is a studio, my bed is situated in the living room which is close to the TV and couch. I set up my bed so that my loveseat sits under it with the full couch adjacent and perpendicular to the love seat towards the end of my loft. This has really expanded the visual and functional size of my apartment - without the loft I would only be able to fit the larger couch and would have to do away with my loveseat.

While I am not an interior design expert, I can think of a few ways the space under the bed can be used:

  • Desk space: this is perhaps the most obvious, but with the sleek design this loft has, a desk would look really cool under the bed and there would be plenty of space (especially with the queen sized loft).
  • Closet: If I hadn’t had a walk-in closet in my studio, I would have considered putting a chest of drawers / rack for hanging my clothes underneath the bed. In addition, I would have placed a divider or curtain in front to separate my closet from the living room.
  • Reading area: With a lamp, a comfy chair and a bookshelf and perhaps a little table, this would be a really slick way to use the extra space.
  • Extra seating: Loveseat, some chairs, or a recliner would do the trick.
  • Storage: Use a divider to block off the view to visitors.

Whatever the method of usage, there is one thing for sure: the loft makes my apartment look unique, creative, modern, and just plain awesome.