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January 01, 2013 | By Ryan Francis

Thanks for 2012!

When we started in the spring of 2012, we never anticipated the success and enjoyment the remainder of 2012 would bring. I wanted to take the time to write the following note to each of our customers and those of you who have supported our company:

In an era of big companies, outsourced manufacturing, and reduced quality, it was astonishing to see the faith that our customers put in us to deliver high quality handcrafted aluminum bunk and loft beds. Throughout the year we have heard your stories - the stories of families and young adults that are in need of ways to save space and ultimately make their lives better.

It has touched our hearts to be able to provide products that can impact our customers’ lives so positively. One customer in New York called to thank us for saving his electronics. Just before Superstorm Sandy came through he hurriedly put all of his electronics and valuables on top of his queen loft bed and took off out of the city. Upon returning, the loft bed stood in four feet of water, electronics and valuables safely resting on its top. Everything else in his apartment was demolished. With a little touch-up paint, his loft bed is back in action once again.

We take great pride in our work and in the experiences our customers have with us. And while we know we have a lot to do to get even better, we want to thank each and every one of you for your role in helping us grow this year.

Best of luck in 2013, everyone!

-Ryan and the Francis Lofts & Bunks Team