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March 03, 2014 | By Ryan Francis

Our Gallery Page is Now Live

Over the past couple of months we have been asking our customers for photos of our beds in their homes. We have been overwhelmed with the pictures we have received and the positive comments that went along with them. It is just the coolest thing for us to be able to see our creations looking so great in homes.

Until we received these pictures we really have not had the chance to see what our beds looked like in homes. I am so amazed by the many different ways that our beds are able to be used and the different set ups that they are in. It is truly awesome to see!

We decided to share some of these photos on our website under our new tab “Gallery” My hope is that future customers will see just how great these beds look and the many different ways that they can be used. So whether you have bought, decide to buy, or just looking please check out the page. I am sure that you will be just amazed as we are on how great that they look!

We will continue to add photos to the Gallery as new ones come in, so feel free to send your photos to, and we will make sure to get them up on the site. We really appreciate the photos and thanks for being such great customers!