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June 06, 2014 | By Ryan Francis

NeoCon Recap

FLAB at NeoCon

WOW! That is the word that pops into my mind about how awesome NeoCon was. This was truly an incredible experience for us to be able to set up in front of 40,000 people to showcase our beds. This was our first trade show and I do not think it could have gone better for us.

Over the 3 days of the show, we met all kinds of great people and were able to make valuable networking connections in our industry. I was personally appalled by the people in our industry on how kind, friendly, and willingness to share information they were. I can’t thank everyone enough for how much they helped us progress into the industry.

The bed itself was a hit. People were just in shock almost that something like our beds could exist. People had no idea that a “Queen over Queen” even existed! The raw sturdiness and durability of our product that they could see in person was simply overwhelming for them. People would come up to our booth and just say “Man, that is cool!” It was even fun to just watch people walk by our booth. Even if they didn’t come in there was a facial express or muttering to their companion about our bed, most of the time it brought a smile!

This show helped me realize how much our product is not only needed but wanted! So many people did not even think that this was an option and now that it is they really are wanting to sleep in bunk beds or loft beds. The whole “cool” factor is alive and well, not to mention that this bed will last them their whole life!

On the business side of things this show opened up a whole new avenue for us. We got to meet people from various parts of the industry and realized our beds are wanted in numerous other outlets. We are currently looking to display our beds again at another trade show as this was such a great success. We will keep you posted on this matter and if we choose a city nearby you should come see us in person and maybe you will be the next person to say WOW!