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July 07, 2018 | By Ryan Francis

How to Make a Small Room Work for Two Kids

When it comes to decorating a small space for two children, finding the right furniture and storage options that are functional, yet still allow for free floor space is always a challenging feat. But with the right tools and a bit of storage creativity, you’ll find that you can have plenty of space for storage, sleeping and playing without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic. Whether you’re creating a space for a baby and toddler in one nursery or for two older kids, here are some ideas to make a small room work for two.

Utilize Vertical Space

The first rule of space-conscious designing is when you can’t go out, go up! Making the most of the vertical space in the room is an easy way to fit more furniture and open up more floor space. The first way to do this (and most likely your first thought) is with bunk beds. For two older kids, consider two bunk beds instead of singular beds to maximize space. Sturdy, visually appealing bunks, like our Francis Lofts & Bunks beds, expand the visual and functional size of your space allowing you to safely and comfortably fit more than one child in your room. For smaller children, you can opt for a twin over twin bunk that you can accessorize with guardrails to maximize safety. For older children, you might want to consider a full bunk, which will allow for even more space as they grow.

Kids White Bunk

A second option you may want to consider is a ladder storage unit (like our optional staircase accessory). Not only does it give your children a place to store their toys or personal items, but it also takes up very little floor space. Make sure to utilize as much corner storage space as your room will allow for, as this helps to make the room appear more spacious.

Use Neutral Colors and Opposing Textures

When you have a two-bedroom home with a toddler and baby on the way, you have to get creative with your space to fit both a crib and your little one’s bed. This space from CinSarah uses neutral colors like black, yellow and grey to keep the room ambiguous. She also uses opposing bedspreads to add interest to the room, allow the space to feel more open. The strategically placed dresser as well as the use of different textures and pillows helps to differentiate the area and give each child their own space.

Nursery and Toddler Room grande

Image via Pinterest

Get Creative with Storage

With two children sharing a bedroom, you’re going to need double the storage, especially for things like clothing, toys and books. A vertical bookshelf takes up very little floor space and gives you a place to neatly store books, toys and stuffed animals. Another great storage idea is adding a chest at the end of your crib or bed. This not only gives you and your children a place to sit, but it also stores a ton of items, which will help keep the clutter to a minimum. Make sure you choose a chest that is the same width as your crib or bed, so as to not have it jut out and take up any extra space.

Creative Storage grande

Photo via iHeart Organizing

Utilize as Much Closet Space as Possible

In a small room there’s often not enough space for one or more dressers, which leaves your clothing storage options to a minimum. This is where making the most of your closet space is crucial. First, you’ll want to automatically set parameters to help divide the closet and let each of your kids know where his or her space is. Then, install a few hanger bars so you can have rows and rows of hanging organization. Since kids’ clothing is shorter and smaller than adults’, you’ll be able to fit multiple rows of clothing with ease. Laundry bins are also a great storage option for shoes, clothing, baby onesies or any other items that you have excess of. If they’re neatly placed on a shelf or at the bottom of the closet, they’ll help to keep closet clutter down.

Shared Closet Organizing grande

Invest in a Door Organizer

Getting your younger kids ready in the morning can be quite challenging, and that task is doubled when you have two young kids sharing a room. One way to make things a little easier is by picking up a door organizer and planning out and placing your children’s outfits for the week in it. Not only does it cut down your morning routine, but it’s also a great way to store your children’s clothing and shoes without taking up extra space. Creative decorating ideas like this are easy to implement and make a big difference in the room.

Door Organizer grande

Get Creative with Your Desk Space

A small room doesn’t always lend itself to space for two working desks for your children. Instead of trying to fit two more pieces of furniture into your space, we love the idea of installing a floating desk in a corner of the room with two chairs to work at. For additional space, install custom cabinetry above the desk for any desk supplies that your children have.

Desk grande