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July 07, 2019 | By Michael Garrity

Bedroom Design Ideas for White Bed Frames

White Loft Bed

There’s just something incredibly striking about the clean, elegant appearance of an all-white bed frame. And you don’t just have to take my word for it. Of the five decorative finishes that we offer for our adult loft and bunk beds here at Francis Lofts & Bunks, white is constantly among the most popular options month-after-month.

White beds can be a great addition to bedrooms in an airy beach house or a luxury urban condo, but really, they provide an opportunity to transform any room into a charming, inviting space for you or your guests. When planning an interior design project based around a white bed frame, you just want to be careful not to create a space that looks too clinical or washed out. If you’re considering purchasing a white bed frame, here are a few ideas for getting the most out of it (from a design perspective, at least).

Find a Bright Space

Your white bed frame will glisten and sparkle when utilized as the centerpiece to a nice open, bright room (ideally one that receives a lot of natural light from windows, doors, or sunlights). Particularly if your room is on the smaller side, a white bed in a lighter space can make it feel much larger and more inviting. It also gives you a blank canvas to work on when it comes to adding some extra flair with bedding, furniture, art, or decorations.

Include Other White Furniture

Expand on the theme by using white as the dominant color scheme for all of the room’s furniture, from dressers to nightstands to lamps. This inviting interior design choice will create a light and breezy vibe that will make you or your guests feel calm and safely enveloped in the space’s bright atmosphere. It is important to not overdo it and make the room TOO white so as to be overwhelming, which is where accents and décor come in to help bring the design back down to Earth.

Compliment with Color

Draw out your white bed frame’s natural character by using bedding, furniture, or artwork that compliments it with color and depth. One of the most common and easiest design options is any variation of blue, which almost always accentuates the light, breezy atmosphere that white furniture provides. In other words, blue helps keep it cool. If you want to do something a little more bold, you can go the opposite route and add small pops of more intense color, like outfitting the bed with white sheets and comforters, but accenting them with red or orange pillows or throw blankets.


Use Patterns and Texture to Add Depth

If your white bed is feeling a little flat, consider turning to bedding options that can help bring it to life. Patterns provide enough visual variation to make the bed feel three dimensional and full. Keep it simple with wide stripes that just accent the other primary colors in your room’s design, or go bold with a multi-colored plaid comforter. Or maybe patterns and big colors aren’t your thing. In that case, you can lean heavily on neutral tones and focus instead on bedding options that utilize different textures for a subtler version of the same effect.

White Bunk Bed Corner

Go Off (White)

Believe it or not, you can actually accentuate your all-white bed frame by painting the walls in the room an “off-white” color. Doing this will maintain the bright, clean atmosphere that the white bed provides, while also adding a bit of warmth to the space. It also gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to color options for bedding and other furniture in the room, since you’ll have more depth and a slightly broader palette with which to work.

IMG 0709 (1)

A big part of the appeal of a white bed frame is that it is both visually arresting and attractive on its own, while also being incredibly versatile from a design perspective. Make it the centerpiece of a mostly white, airy room, or use it to add a burst of brightness to a space with deeper colored walls, such as navy blue. The potential for creative design opportunities is nearly endless. Luckily for you, all of our beds are available in a vibrant white finish.