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Two young women sitting up on the bottom bunk of a white Queen Over Queen Adult Bunk Bed resting on the pillows against the Pillow Support bars video chatting on an iPad. A man laying on a black Queen Adult Loft Bed resting his head on the pillows while listening to music on headphones and scrolling through his smartphone.
Two white undressed Chamber Down Pillows from Standard Textile Home on a white background set to and slightly cut off on the right side of the frame.

The Perfect Balance of Softness and Support

Chamber Down Pillows are all about maximizing comfort. The super soft cushiony base contours and forms to your head to give you the great sleep you deserve. Chamber Down Pillows are highly pliable and reset after every use. This ensures quality support night after night. If you host people in your home, vacation rental, or hostel, use Chamber Down Pillows to provide comfortable sleep for all your guests. It’s no wonder they’ve been used by luxury hotel brands across the world for decades. Don’t settle for less than a five-star sleep experience. Upgrade with a Chamber Down Pillow Set today.

Machine washable. Available in Standard and King size options.

A graphic of the Chamber Down Pillow from Standard Textile that shows the pillow "opened up" to reveal and display its various inner layers.

Three-Chamber Structure

Designed to Fully Support Your Head and Neck

Chamber Down Pillows use a three-chamber construction. The two outer chambers are filled with hypoallergenic slick polyester. This surrounds an inner chamber filled with sterilized natural feathers. Let Chamber Down Pillows treat your head and neck to ample and luxurious support. Experience true, deep sleep without discomfort or dissatisfaction.

Two Chamber Down Pillows (one king size and one standard size placed in front of it) resting on an unmade mattress on a bed with a dark gray headboard.

Hypoallergenic Composition

First-class comfort should be available to everyone. The outer layer of our Chamber Down Pillows is made with hypoallergenic gel fibers. These fibers repel dust mites that can trigger allergies. With Chamber Down Pillows, anyone can enjoy great sleep. Even those affected by hay fever, seasonal or year-round allergies, asthma, or eczema.

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