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A white Full XL Over Queen Adult Bunk Bed with the Aiden-style zipper bedding from Beddy's on each bunk.

All You Need (and More)

Comfortable Sleep in One Convenient Package

Our all-inclusive Zipper Bedding sets eliminate the hassle of handling, re-making, and cleaning multiple sheets and blankets, while still giving you everything you need to be cozy and comfortable in your bed. One-piece luxury bedding includes your sheets and comforter, goes on in one-step like a typical fitted sheet, and stays put thanks to heavy-duty elastic that spans the entire base. A smooth and easy-to-pull zipper keeps everything together and tidy until you’re ready to snuggle in for the best sleep you’ve ever experienced.

A white Queen size Adult Loft Bed with Blair-style (grayish blue with white stripes) zipper bedding on the mattress. Seen close up from the lower right hand side of the bed.

Making Your Bed Just Got Easier

Stop Struggling to Style Your Loft or Bunk Bed

Change the way you prepare your Adult Loft Bed or Adult Bunk Bed forever with Zipper Bedding. Making your bed presentable for yourself or your guests has never been simpler thanks to Zipper Bedding, which goes over your entire mattress as one-piece that holds itself together and never looks mussed or disordered when it’s all zipped up. The very strong elastic band that holds the bedding to your mattress runs the entire length of the Zipper Bedding. It doesn’t come off the mattress until you want it to!

An extreme close up on a partially unzipped London-style Beddy's bedding product that slightly reveals the "sheet layer" under the comforter.

Take the Hassle Out of Washing and Drying

Specifically designed to be easy to change and wash, our innovative Zipper Bedding solution can be removed from your bed and cleaned as a single unit. You no longer have to handle and keep track of mulitple pieces of bedding when you’re doing your laundry. And if the whole thing doesn’t need to be washed, you can simply unzip the top layer and wash that piece on its own. 100% machine washable.

How to Wash Zipper Bedding

A white Full XL Over Queen Adult Bunk Bed in a sparsely decorated guest room seen from the right-hand side and made up with Ashton-style Beddy's zippered bedding on both bunks.

What You Get With Zipper Bedding

More Than Just Bedding

For your comfort and convenience, every Zipper Bedding set includes:

  • • A smooth, easy-to-pull zipper
  • • Detachable top layer
  • • A soft interior lining
  • • Comfort panels
  • • A sewn-in sheet
  • • Heavy-duty elastic
  • • Pillowcase and sham (1 each for Twin sizes, 2 for Full-King sizes)

A close up shot of blue zipper bedding with the white comfort panel section pulled out and draped over the side of the bed frame.

Comfort Panels

Zipper Bedding may be all about convenience, but that doesn’t have to come at the expense of your style. All of our Zipper Bedding sets feature “comfort panels” that extend out from inside the bedding and provide just the right amount of coverage to mask the zipper. This gives the whole product a more mature and sophisticated look that works in any room.

Two side-by-side close up images of different Jameson-style Beddy's zipper bedding options, one showing off the "All Cotton" version with text that reads "All Cotton" and an arrow pointing to the underside of the comforter, and the one of the left showing off the "Minky" version with text that reads "Minky" and an arrow pointing to the underside of the comforter.

All Cotton or Minky?

Find the Blend That's Best for You

Most of our Zipper Bedding sets come in two different fabric options: All Cotton and Minky. Both use a soft, thick, breathable, and durable 100% cotton fabric for the base (or “bottom sheet”).

All Cotton The All Cotton version also includes a 100% sewn-in cotton sheet for the underside of the top comforter. Because of its breathability, the All Cotton option is ideal for warm climates or sleepers who run hot.

Minky With the Minky option, the underside of the top comforter section uses an ultra-soft, super cuddly 100% polyester fabric that is better suited for most climates.

An intense close up of a Jameson-style Beddy's zipper bedding product that mostly focuses on the comforter with the two pillow cases visible in the top part of the image.

Premium Designs

Our Zipper Bedding looks just as great as it feels. Each of our seven different sets features a bold and inspired design that can help elevate your décor and enhance your space, just like your Adult Loft Bed or Adult Bunk Bed. Choose the design that best suits your style from our deluxe bedding sets listed above or below.

  • A charcoal Queen Size Loft Bed on a blank background

    Loft Beds

    Transform a small room into an efficient multi-use space.

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  • Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed in Charcoal - Size 350x250

    Bunk Beds

    Safely and comfortably sleep more people without sacrificing space.

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  • A charcoal queen size Triple Bunk Bed

    Triple Bunk Beds

    Increase the capacity and functionality of any room.

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  • A charcoal Queen Over Queen L-Shaped Bunk Bed

    L-Shaped Bunk Beds

    Enjoy the space-saving benefits with more flexibility.

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  • A charcoal queen size platform Standard Bed

    Platform Beds

    Upgrade your sleep with this durable metal bed.

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  • A charcoal queen size metal canopy bed

    Canopy Beds

    A luxurious combination of style and substance.

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