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Let's face it, bunk beds have been designed exclusively for children. Francis Lofts & Bunks is here to change that.

With a 2,000 pound weight capacity, unparalleled rigidity, 6 available colors, and a beautiful modern design, we are proud to be the first to offer a bunk bed solution for adults. It's no wonder the Boston Red Sox trusts our product enough to put their big, valuable baseball players on our bunk bed.

Our aluminum metal design combines elegance with reliability, and is the only material that is lightweight enough for easy transportation and assembly, yet durable enough to hold lots of weight and last a lifetime. We source our materials from Georgia, and build each bed to order right here in Ohio, which means we are proud to be American Made.

The assembly process is also very simple as we install all of the small parts for you, so you just need to plug the big pieces together. It typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to install. We offer ten unique colors that are powdercoated to the aluminum in the extrusion process, thereby maximizing the paint's durability.

If you would like to physically see the colors and/or the aluminum material we use, we would be happy to send you aluminum paint chips of our colors we offer, free of charge. Just submit a message with your name and shipping address and we will send them on the way to you!


Need a King Size? You can order it here.

Bunk Bed Dimensions

*Dimensions are customizable upon request. The customization fee is $35 + $40/foot of additional height (if applicable). Please message us with customization needs.

*The ladder extends 21" from the end of the bed (for 9' ceiling). Please note that we can also make the ladder only extend 13", free of charge, just request at checkout in the comment box.

*The ladder is detachable and can be moved anywhere around the bed (including on a side with a rail, it is designed to go up and over the rail). It does securely clip to the aluminum and will not move when climbing up and down the ladder.


Our Promise

If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the bed within 30 days and we will refund you in full, minus shipping & handling. We are just that confident with the quality of our product and want you to be just as confident as we are. At Francis Lofts & Bunks, we believe in INTEGRITY, TRUST, and CUSTOMER SERVICE, so you can count on us to treat you with great care and respect.


Shipping is a flat $165 within the United States. The estimated time for our customers to receive their bed is approximately 3 weeks from the order date.

Additional Information & Assembly Instructions

For additional information and our assembly instructions, please review our brochure. Or, if your curious to learn more about our company and how we got our start, check out the about us page.

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All Bunk Bed Reviews

Reviews for Adult Bunk Bed
4.9 out of 5, based on 36 reviews
Saundra C from California on Jan 07, 2015
The bed has been a huge success, everyone that comes into our vacation rental leaves talking about the King over King bunk beds. The children of our first renters were so excited that they would not come down for hours except for food .

We had to move some renters to another unit and before they left they asked to see the BUNK bed. They were very disappointed they did not get the condo on the beach with the bunk beds. The bed has been a huge success with everyone and is always the topic of conversation when they leave.
Tom Sarnese from Tampa, FL on Nov 03, 2014
I must admit I had my doubts about adult bunk beds when my wife told me about them but I am very pleased with the result. The beds look fantastic and are probably the sturdiest bunk beds I have ever seen. Assembly was relatively simple taking about two hours to get everything up and ready to use. Delivery was quick and I am very impressed with what I have seen.
Gerino Casal from New York, NY on Oct 29, 2014
I loved your product and dealing with your people on the phone. I've never seen such a beautiful and practical Bunk bed, I wish it was for me, I'm jealous of my kids, can't tell you enough on how simple it was to put together, did it by myself in a couple of hours
Barb Seaburg from NJ on Oct 28, 2014
I am happy to comply with your request. My husband and I are not youngsters, but we were able to assemble the bunk bed (queen size) by ourselves and were instantly impressed with the quality of workmanship, paint coverage, and overall sturdiness of the bed. It is a comfortable night's rest without the 'shakiness' that scares people about sleeping on an upper bunk. Good and solid. We are very happy with your product!
Cynthia Hedgehock from California on Oct 28, 2014
We are very pleased with the quality of our bunks! Our grandchildren are still small, but we suspect there will be lots of use and we are glad these are adult beds designed for big boys and girls! The quality is amazing and everyone who sees them is impressed. It took a full day to assemble both sets, but worth it!
Wendy from Chicago, IL on Mar 09, 2014
I needed queen over queen bunk beds; hard to come by until I found Francis Lofts. I had a question and emailed my query on a Sunday afternoon. I got a response a few hours later from the owner himself and that sold me on buying from them. The bunk beds are a quality and lovely piece of furniture I'm sure will last a lifetime and then some. It allows our two bedroom condo to be a haven for many guests when needed. I am thrilled with the product and the service. I absolutely recommend using Francis Lofts!
Dolly R from South Carolina on Mar 02, 2014
We ordered 2 queen-size bunk beds. Two of our daughters share a room while the other two girls each have their own room. We moved 1,000 miles away from all of our family. When our family and friends come to visit, we let them use the other girls' rooms. Having queen-size bunk beds allows the 4 girls to sleep comfortably as well as allowing our guests to have their own rooms. No more sleeping on the floor or on couches for our daughters when we have company. We love the bunk beds.
Kevin from Panama City Beach, FL on Feb 20, 2014
We love our queen bunk beds. We now have enough sleeping space for our kids and grand kids. There is an issue with pillows falling between the mattress and wall, so purchased body pillows to fill the gap. The ladder is stable, but the treads could stand to be a little wider for adults.
Amy Button from New York on Feb 14, 2014
The beds are great space savers, my only suggestion to make them better is maybe something for treads on the ladder steps as they're very slippery with socks on:)
Tammy from Alabama on Feb 14, 2014
Absolutely LOVE my purchase and so does all of all of my friends. I ordered 2 queen bunk beds and they were perfect. Very strong and exactly what I was looking for. I needed something to hold 2 adults sleeping on top and 2 adults sleeping on bottom and was very sturdy!!! That's exactly what I got. Love, love, love this!!!!!
Annick M from Texas on Feb 14, 2014
Our guest and family love this bunk bed, easy to install, excellent quality. We love it!
Thank you for your professionalism.
Tom Cornelius from South Carolina on Feb 13, 2014
Our queen bunk is used in an oceanfront rental condo. Renters love it as it enables higher sleeping capacity in the same amount of space.
Patricia from Texas on Nov 21, 2013
Exactly what I was looking for (queen bunk beds) - and reviews make it sound perfect! Unfortunately, price is way too high - and $200 to $400+ just for additional railings???? Just wish they were less expensive!
Cindy Montgomery from Illinois on Oct 30, 2013
I am a 51 year old mother of two boys, ages 14 and 11, both of whom have special needs. I am conservative in my spending habits. This king sized bunk bed is in my 11 year old's room. He has sleepovers with 5 boys. I sleep on the top bunk to get away from it all (that alone is worth the investment). Both boys can sleep together but apart. Even the dogs love it. My husband thought I was crazy at first, but now he understands how this bed encourages social interaction while maintaining privacy. It will be a great piece for when the boys get their first apartment too. Sturdy, HUGE and just plain old fun. Oh - and the customer service is 5 stars too.If you look at the price of other lame bunkbeds, why would you NOT buy this one? For a few dollars more you get so much more bed and quality.
Alfonso Alejo from New York City on Oct 30, 2013
We could not be happier with our bed! The set up was easy.We have twin 15 year old sons who weigh 170 pounds each. They both confirm that the bed does not move at all. It is very rigid/firm. The construction is outstanding, super high quality. An outstanding value for the price. We would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality bed that will last for decades. And it looks great too!
Tracy from North Dakota on Oct 30, 2013
We bought queen and full bunk-beds for our cabin. The quality was phenomenal! It far exceeded our expectations! You could tell great care was taken in the manufacturing and packaging of the product. So grateful to have found this company! Great find!!!
John H. FLOOD III from New Jersey on Oct 30, 2013
Our Francis bunk beds (8 of them) are fantastic. They are very attractive and sturdy. They are in our "bunk room" at our beach house at the Jersey Shore. We have decorated the room to have a nautical theme but the bunks make the room.
Marc Neuman from Margate City, NJ on Jul 22, 2013
I have a small condo in Margate City, NJ that took in about 4 feet of water from Superstorm Sandy. I thought this would be a great opportunity to upgrade the bunk beds which were always wobbly and squeeky for the kids room. My kids are 18, 16 and 13. I found Francis Lofts online and searched for other bunk beds for about 6 months before deciding on these. I figured we could fit a set of queen bunks and a set of full bunks in the room, but both were a little too high and a little too wide to fit the room. Ryan looked at my floor space and helped redesign the full size by moving the rail over, reducing the width by 3 inches and lowering the top bunk one foot. He suggested redesigning the queen bunks reducing the length by 10 inches so the doorway would not be blocked. I got the beds and started putting them together on a Sunday night. I had a question, called Ryan‰Ûªs cell phone, he answered right away and helped us finish the assembly (it was user error, not them). The beds are amazing. People come in and ask where we purchased them because they look like modern art. We have had about a month of use now. My son can be sleeping on the bottom bunk, with my daughter climbing up to the top bunk and the bed does not move, vibrate or rattle. I recommend these to everyone for both a high quality product and a level of customer service that you don‰Ûªt get anywhere.
Helene from NJ on May 07, 2013
I was so thrilled to find the option of a queen over queen bunk bed! Ryan was amazing on the phone to sort out any questions I had before ordering, and shipped quickly so I would have it in time. We have high ceilings so he even customized it to give me extra room between the bunks. Upon opening it was beautifully constructed and my husband was able to put it together in a few hours, with minimal help from me. It is up and it looks fabulous!
Lauri from Palm Beach, Florida on Apr 17, 2013
This is a dream product. I never thought that I would find such an complete solution to the age old dilemma--lack of sleeping options and lack of space. I purchased a queen over queen bunk bed for my son's room. It arrived in short order, was not difficult to assemble. Ryan was extremely accessible and helpful over the phone answering questions when I ordered. Please note: this is not some kiddie rickety, squeaky bunk bed. This bed is extremely well designed, solid, and in this dark grey color actually looks like sculpture. A white full over full is in our future for my daughter;s room.
What a great idea, delighted that I surfed the web and found Francis' Lofts!!
Paul Krasnoff from Long Island, NY on Apr 05, 2013
This bunk bed is huge and the construction is the best i have ever seen. Installation, even though a double queen, two people in about an hour. The only compliant I have is the top bunk is too high in a standard 8' ceiling room leaving barely enough headroom for sitting. Wish they could send me a RETRO KIT- to lower the top bunk 6-12", as there is more than enough room between the bottom and upper bunks.
Money well spent..........
Mark Hochstatter from Oakland, CA on Apr 03, 2013
Great product. Really good look and sturdy.
Thomas Cornelius from United States on Apr 03, 2013
Quality, well built product that should hold up well. The bed uses standard queen mattresses. Customer support both during installation and answering questions was excellent. A suggestion would be to offer the posts with 2 sets of bolt holes to accommodate those situations where the top bunk might be lower. The standard height provides for a low ceiling situation with an 8' ceiling.
The bed is quite heavy so buy some large furniture glides to move it to allow changing the bedding or cleaning.
Cathy from South Carolina on Apr 03, 2013
The Queen Bunk bed is great. It is very solid and beautiful. My family loves it!!!
Suggestion: My package only contained instructions for the Queen Loft Bed. The Queen Bunk Bed requires that you put the top and bottom wood slates on at the same time. Maybe you should note that in the Queen Loft instructions.
David Ruiz from 648 Saint Andrew place. Manalapan NJ 07726 on Apr 03, 2013
It met my expectations
Mike Gremling from NJ on Apr 03, 2013
There is nothing to act as a headboard to keep pillows from falling in between the mattress and the wall.
Carol Wright from Chicago on Apr 03, 2013
sturdy, attractive and easy to assemble. I did it all by myself even though directions say it takes two. They couldn't have made my decision to purchase from them any more enjoyable. I spoke with one of the owners personally. He could not have been more accommodating, helpful and professional. I have two young rambunctious boys who share a room and this was the perfect solution!
They love their new bunk bed...who wouldn't?
Carol Wright
Kellie Allison from Washington, DC on Mar 23, 2013
Pretty easy and painless assembly, measurements were exact, and I love it! Definitely worth every penny!!
Ellen Barry from Henderson TN on Mar 18, 2013
Simply love it. Great space saver and extremely sturdy.
Marjorie LaBella from Rremsen NY on Mar 18, 2013
We absolutely love the bed that you made for us. the queen loft with the queen bed underneath is so easy to make unlike most bunk beds because we can get around all sides of the ower bed and it can easily be moved around. Thank you so much for working with me on this.
Stephen Tang from Philadelphia, PA on Mar 18, 2013
Solid as a rock contruction. Near "idiot proof" instructions. A fun family project to assemble. "Sleep like a baby" comfort for my teenaged children. What more could you ask for? This is a tribute to American ingenuity!
Tavis Karrow from Sioux Falls, SD on Mar 18, 2013
Amazing! this queen bunk bed system has been the center of conversation every time we've had guests. Quite possibly the most well built piece of furniture in our house. the adult guests love it just as much as the kids!
Well Done.
Tammy Zarins from Alpena Michigan on Mar 18, 2013
:)) Words cannot explain how incredibly pleased we are with the bunk bed we purchased from FRANCIS LOFTS !! . . .It is thee Cadillac of all the bunk beds out there ! ! And believe me, i researched this--- the bunk bed IS: modern, sleek, and sexy!! But more important to me than anything, is that- it CAN hold the weight the company described in their ad! It's the ONLY bunk bed I have found that I can TRUST ! . . and as far as the price and service I received- It was WORTH MORE--, seriously- a smart business man friend confided in me that the value of this bed is only going to go up!!
Robert Donnarumma from S.I. NY on Oct 29, 2012
I had many questions and request, Ryan Francis answered all my questions and accommodated all my request, and in a fast response time. Also this bed is strong as they say.
Anne Kelly from Rehoboth Beach, DE on Oct 16, 2012
This Francis Bunk bed quality is so far beyond expectation, and has a chic, contemporary, impressive look. The queen over queen bed is perfect for our lovely Delaware vacation home because two couples can comfortably sleep in one of the guest bedrooms.
Ryan and Patrick Francis gave professional and considerate customer service, as I needed my bed, quickly, and it was a bit of a rush order. I really appreciated their personalized attention. For instance, upon my request, I was immediately sent a color sample, so I could be certain the color would work in my home.
We chose the Sandstone color, which is beautiful, and it looks like a designer color. It is a color I would have selected for a client. I am a retired interior designer.
When the bed is assembled, it is very heavy, and solid. Which, is exactly how we wanted the bed to be. But, because the boxes it arrives in are heavy, unless you are a very strong female, get help receiving them, and assembling the bed.
Thank you, again, Ryan and Patrick, for all your help, and our spectactuar bed!
Patty White from USC Los Angeles on Oct 15, 2012
My son is a student at USC, and wanted a queen bunk bed for himself and his roommate. We bought a wood bunk bed kit online, but my son said it rocked so much that it felt like being on a ship!
Needless to say, I didn't want a smooshed kid (have you seen the movie Step Brothers???) so I bought the Francis queen bunk bed online.
My son texted me after they put it together and said that they had the "Dyson Vacuum of bunk beds." He LOVES it!
I finally got up to LA and got to see it in-person, and it's really amazing. It's built like nothing I've ever seen, and it's very nice looking.
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